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Create true wealth with Vedic resources that support soul clarity and business prosperity.

"I feel much more fulfilled by life and have my emotions in balance. I really enjoyed the tapping sessions and Vedic wisdom. I now have the ability to ask for what I need, to express my feelings and work with my dharma. I have grown immensely."

"I can personally attest to the greater joy, liberation, and wisdom which I'm accessing through Saraswati's offerings. She shares so much of herself in a bold, vulnerable, and genuine way, while holding you capable of your own healing, which is where the real magic happens.”

Ready to Create Soul Clarity & Prosperity?

Clarify your soul purpose and increase your prosperity.


You are an incredibly gifted with so much to offer. Your medicine is needed more than ever.

You want to share your gifts and wisdom with the world and offer something with meaning and value.

You want to create an offering aligned with your dharma, the purpose of your soul, AND you also want to make $10k+ months in the process.

Your goals and desires are powerful and you deserve to make this happen.

Even more trust, clarity, confidence, and empowerment are possible!

Everything gets easier when you have the support of Vedic tools like Jyotish to clarify your dharmic path and business success.

Using the ancient tool of Jyotish to clarify your true soul purpose and support certainty with your business offerings, creates more wealth on all levels of life.

Making money sharing your soul gifts is the easiest thing you could possibly do in this body and lifetime!

If you are ready for a clear path, absolute certainty with your soul purpose, and growing your wealth through a dharmic business, Dharma Foundations is for you.

Making money and creating wealth from sharing your soul gifts, feels different in your body.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Saraswati.

For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of clients from around the world deepen their understanding of dharma.

I teach my clients how to share their gifts and wisdom in a way that is soul nourishing, while also creating true, lasting wealth.

I’ve grown my own dharmic business to over six figures consistently for over six years and it’s my joy to help you do the same.

I believe this world needs thriving healers who fully trust their own gifts and medicine, while also being well compensated.

My Dharma Foundations Course gives you a simple frame work for understanding your soul’s relationship with true wealth, while also giving you steps for scaling your six figure business.

I’ll see you inside!


Your Problems

Your Solutions

Dharma Foundations Training Includes

Dharma Wealth training Includes

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Dharma Foundations

Payment plans start at $375
$4,500 *Payment Plans Available
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Who Is This For?

The Dharma Foundations Course is for spiritual, creative healers who are serious about success, but need soul purpose clarity and business prosperity.

Making 6+ figures is 20% having the right structures and systems in place and 80% transforming your set points, grief, and mental/emotional resistance.

What's Included

The Dharmic Foundations Course was designed to help you create the foundation for a thriving soul-centered business. With consistent action steps, in just 7 weeks, you'll have created a 6+ figure business model. You will also have lifetime access to:

Imagine feeling FULLY confident and successful sharing your soul gifts and wisdom because you know EXACTLY what your purpose is AND you are receiving more than enough MONEY doing what you love!

Course Modules

In seven seeks you can clarify your dharmic offerings and have a solid foundation for your prosperous business.

Step 1

Identify your soul purpose and clarify your unique dharmic offering using the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology.

Step 2

Create the vertebra of your six figure online course structure from a dharmic perspective.

Step 3

Refine your social media strategies and FB group to increase revenue and create $10k+ months.

Step 4

Improve your content and sales processes to attract motivated, ideal, soul clients.


Step 5

Study your Jyotish chart, deepen your intuition and dharmic gifts, amplify your self trust and confidence using my Embodied Dharma resources.


"Wealth Training just gave me guidance and information I've been seeking my entire life."
Ali Jacobs
Relationship Healer and Coach
"I can say this has changed my life and I really feel something big and important is happening now!"
Andrea B
"Dearest Swati, I can’t thank you enough. Your commitment, devotion, care, compassion and enthusiasm to help women unfold their gifts is without question your unique Dharmic calling. "
Wakenda Willingham
Dharma Mentorship Client
"Thank you for the embodiment ritual class! The tapping was profound. Been really leaning into where I experience guilt in my life. Guilt around pleasure, joy, living my dharma and it felt full circle to connect it to my root fear of being seen and fear of losing. I also discovered great insights about fathers lineage and connecting to my dharma."
Angelica Neri
Feminine Healer & Ayurvedic Practitioner Healer and Coach

Ready to join the group? Book a free 15 minute clarity call with me to see if we're a good match.

- Saraswati

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Dharma Foundations

Payment plans start at $375
$4,500 *Payment Plans Available
  • Ready to get started?

Session + Product Policies:

I do not offer returns or refunds on products and services. I consider payment an agreement between two people that sets an intention for mutual growth. Please commit to your self development and show up for your process, use the resources, and honor your path. By showing up for this course fully, you are showing up for yourself. Please make sure this offering is in alignment before confirming. I welcome your feedback and I’m here to support your journey.

This process does not take the place of therapeutic support from a licensed therapist or medical doctor. Rather this process can enhance and support the work you are already doing with your therapist and doctors or become a supplement. I may recommend you seek the ongoing support of a licensed therapist or medical doctor if I think you need this extra holding, resourcing and support.