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Saraswati Embodied Dharma Coaching

Vedic resources for soul clarity.

Welcome to the Dharma Circle

Hello, my name is Saraswati.

For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of clients from around the world deepen their understanding of dharma.

I teach my clients how to clarify their gifts and wisdom in a way that is soul nourishing.

I believe this world needs people who fully embody and trust their own gifts and medicine, so that dharma can be restored on the planet.

My tools and resources support your embodied dharmic path.

I’ll see you inside the Dharma Circle!


What is the Dharma Circle?

The DHARMA CIRCLE offers powerful, body-centered Vedic resources and tools for spiritual souls ready for more nourishment and dharmic clarity.

This group is for all holistic healers, Ayurvedic practitioners, hands on healers, therapists, spiritual guides, astrologers, coaches, and yogis who want to feel clear, confident, and deep trust with their soul purpose and sacred medicine.

Saraswati (Swati) has helped spiritual, sensitive souls for over a decade awaken their dharma and soul purpose.

In the Dharma Circle you will get tools to support your soul purpose using Vedic Astrology as well as body-centered, trauma-informed tools and resources.

We’ve organically grown this group from 0 to 4k+ members over the last few years, consistently sharing resources and tools for spiritual souls ready for a nourishing, prosperous and abundant life.

I believe what the world needs most is healthy and well healers and guides who fully embody and trust in their own medicine and soul purpose- so they can live a prosperous, nourishing life.

Gather with us!

A special FB group of over 4,000+ gifted healers and spiritual guides ready for soul clarity and embodied self trust.

Dharma Toolkit


Step 1

Identify Your Sensitivity and Special Soul Gifts

Are you sensitive?

Here’s a quick guide to identifying sensitivity in your body using an Embodied approach to Jyotish.

Step 2

Jyotish Astrology is the Absolute Best Tool for Soul Clarity

Learn how to harmonize with Nature’s cycles and rhythms using the ancient Vedic tool of Jyotish Astrology.

Step 3

Watch Past Classes in the Dharma Circle Class Vault

Watch past classes now.

Step 4

Book A Clarity Session

Let me tell you my unique story.

I was born in a meditating family and was fortunate enough to have Vedic resources and tools available to me all my life- Ayurveda, Jyotish, meditation, Sanskrit, Vedic scripture etc.

But I still had to overcome some very intense challenges with sudden loss, grief, trauma, and death. It has been a long road of embodiment, somatics, expressive art therapy, and deepening my relationship with my own humanity, while also committing to thriving in the material world.

I grew up knowing what dharma is. I tried everything for clarity, but nothing could help me truly understand my purpose. You name it, I tried it. But I was still lost.

Life seemed pointless without purpose. Why was I even here in a human body if there wasn’t a deeper meaning to this existence?

I ended up addicted to drugs, alcohol, and even close to suicide several times.

Was it even possible to have meaningful work, a dharmic purpose, with my extreme body sensitivity?! And also stop struggling financially?

Years ago, I truly doubted I would be able to share my gifts in this world and make money doing it. I didn’t even know what my gifts were!

But I knew I didn’t have any other options. I had to figure this out, or die trying. Without purpose, I wanted to leave this planet. And if I was here to live on this planet as a human being, I wanted to live well and thrive. I wanted to live my soul nourishment.

Through a very long and winding road of embodiment and following my soul nourishment, I discovered that my gifts were valuable, that my wisdom was important for this planet. I knew my clear vision and unique gifts needed to be shared.

I realized other sensitive, gifted women like me needed guidance, support and clarity so they could also trust their path and purpose and not get lost. If I could help make the process easier for other women, I had to show up and reach more people.

I’ve been sharing my dharmic work for over a decade now. I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their lives, create unwavering trust in their soul purpose, and grow six figure businesses sharing their gifts.

I know what it takes to share your sacred gifts and live a path aligned with dharma, while also creating wealth on all levels of life.

I believe what the world needs most is healthy healers and guides who fully embody and trust in their own medicine, while also being well compensated.


It’s time for you to create a six figure business so you can truly thrive.


Ready to join the group? See you on the inside.

- Saraswati