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Are You Sensitive? Here’s How to Tell.

How sensitive are you?

Here’s how to understand your sensitivity from an Embodied Jyotish perspective.

Knowing that I am sensitive has helped me accept my unique needs and gifts. I need more time for recovery from travel, stressful situations, and I need a lot of alone time.

As challenging as my sensitivity has been, It’s also been a powerful gift for my dharmic path.

The majority of my clients are extra sensitive. They have “sensitivity struggles” that keep them in self doubt, struggling with confidence and malnourishment.

Learning best practice for your own sensitivity is vital for increased fulfillment in life and a clear dharmic path.

Cultivating a relationship with your sensitivity will help you develop your innate creativity, intuitive gifts, and will enhance your unique offerings.

In fact, embracing your sensitivity can lead you directly to your dharma and fulfilling life purpose!

The Role of Jyotish in Understanding Your Sensitivity:

Every Jyotishi I’ve ever been to has seen my sensitivity as a hindrance to career and fulfillment in my life. Not a very positive outlook for a sensitive individual!

To complicate matters, no Jyotishi was ever able to tell me why I am sensitive, and how that was manifesting in my life based on my chart details. Nor did they tell me how they saw sensitivity in my chart, what it means for my life, and what some tools might be for helping me work more effectively with this sensitivity.

It was clear that my dharma and career would be impacted and there wasn’t much hope given for these areas of my life. “Slow start with career” they would say, or “very creative.”

Their advice for my life was always the same: “meditation, Ayurveda, good routine.” Helpful, of course, but my sensitivity has required much more than these basics.

By looking at many charts over the years, I started to see certain markers of sensitivity in Jyotish charts show up again and again. I noticed there were distinct challenges and gifts that came with these placements.

Sensitivity impacts physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There are clear markers in the Jyotish chart that can help you identify the type of sensitivity you have. The more markers you have in your chart, the greater the overall sensitivity you will experience.

Markers of Sensitivity in Your Jyotish Chart:

Moon + Saturn: Saturn touching the Moon by conjunction (same house) as the Moon will increase the emotional sensitivity in often extreme ways. This is what I call a grief Moon. This can bring repressed emotions, heightened depression, grief, disappointments and sense of discouragement. These tendencies may also appear if Saturn aspects the moon with his drishti—three, seven or ten houses away from him.

Mercury or Sun + Saturn: Saturn conjunct Sun or Mercury will give sensitivity to the mind and body. This can cause mental and physical body challenges.

Sandhi Planets: Any planet at 0-2 degrees or 28-30 degrees is considered in the gap between signs. This is a spiritual placement, but it indicates that the planet is not grounded in the body or the earth plane.

Moon + Ketu: When Ketu touches the Moon, it makes you hyper aware and overly alert. It is like having antennae up all the time. It creates a very thin emotional membrane that needs extra protection and vigilance.

Ketu Ruled Nakshatras: Any planet in a nakshatra ruled by Ketu (gandanta), will create sensitivity for that planet.

Moon + Rahu: When Rahu touches the Moon, he brings his shadowed self with him. The Moon feels this sense of illusion and shadow, resulting in a toxic emotional body. It can feel extreme, intense and overwhelming much of the time. It can drive addictions, using drugs and alcohol to suppress or numb the emotional intensity.

Debilitated Planets: Any planet that is debilitated can’t express itself fully. This is an indication of extreme sensitivity. The planet that is debilitated will determine what type of sensitivity you are experiencing and how it effects the body.

Water Signs: Water signs will always experience life from a “feeling” level and will increase sensitivity and receptivity as a result. Water and Moon are intimately intertwined with the emotional body and felt senses. The water signs include: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The more water present in the chart—according to the signs, nakshatras and the placement of these, will increase or decrease the sensitivity.

Houses: Any planet in one of the hidden houses (6th, 8th or 12th) will make the planets therein naturally sensitive, more vulnerable as a result, and needing your extra attention/intention.

Fourth house is the home of our emotions (the heart center and lungs) as well as Mother, and naturally is ruled by the Moon. Keep in mind that all planets connected to the fourth house (either natally or by transit) will impact your relationship with the emotional body.

Dashas: Specific planetary cycles will trigger or enhance the type of sensitivity you are experiencing and how it impacts the body.

Marana Planets: Planets that feel like they are “dying”

Combustion: Any planet scorched by the Sun, typically within the 10 degree range.

Retrograde Planets: The planet is different, unusual, and moves like the nodes.

Understanding the layers of sensitivity in your body will help you increase your body intelligence and strength.

When you know how to work with your sensitivity, NOT against it, health, prosperity, success, and clarity become much easier!

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