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Embodied Vedic Astrology Certificate Course

Align with your soul purpose and create business prosperity.

"I definitely have felt more confident about discovering and living my true dharma. Your consistent returning to paradoxes and embracing the Shadow has opened me to these areas of my work; in yoga, Jyotish and psychology. I am more present and tuned in. You have kindled my creative spark."

"So thankful for the Jyotish class Swati. The unique way you guide us to pay attention to those parts of the body that are expressing a need, and the way to be in right relationship with our sensitivities.”

It's time to unlock your embodied wisdom.

Create A Clear Dharmic Path and A Prosperous Business ~ With the ancient wisdom of Jyotish and embodiment

Can you envision having a thriving business while still feeling nourished, fulfilled, and connected to your soul’s deepest purpose?

Most Jyotish courses don’t teach how to cultivate a relationship with the body. We can’t move with clarity and confidence in our lives and business if we aren’t first connected with our body’s innate wisdom.

In the Embodied Jyotish Certification Course, you’ll discover powerful tools to enhance your connection with your embodied wisdom- so you can move with clarity and confidence towards the actualization of your unique gifts and wisdom.

You’ll learn how to fully embody your sacred medicine and unique dharmic path so you can share your wisdom in this world with confidence and ease.

Are you ready to finally create a balance between your inner and outer success and actualize the life and business you’ve most longed to create?

What You Will Learn

This is unlike any Jyotish course you’ve experienced. It is more than Jyotish knowledge. The course is an experiential transformation on an embodied level. You will reprogram, reshape, and repair your body in a way that supports true soul nourishment- all while clarifying your reason for being alive right now in this body on this planet. With embodied clarity and trust in your soul gifts, you’ll also learn how to create a prosperous Dharmic business with practical tools and marketing resources. There’s no greater gift in this time of Kali Yuga than embodied self trust and clarity with the purpose of your soul. You are a torch carrier. You take your path seriously. You are here for a reason. This course will make sure you never forget the truth of who you are and what your sacred medicine is.

Receive special pricing and payment plans until OCT 10th.

Embodied Vedic Astrology

with Swati Miller
Regular Price: $9,997
  • Enrollment is closed until Fall 2024
  • Recoup your entire investment during the course
  • One year given for completion
  • Receive up to $2000 off before OCT 10th. Payment plans available

Who Is This For?

What's Included

This year long embodied Jyotish certification program includes a combination of live sessions, group work, self study, private mentorship support, and guest speakers

Ready to join the course? Book a free 15 minute clarity call with me to see if we're a good match.

- Saraswati


“I am so grateful for your support... It has helped me live into myself in a way I was too afraid to experience alone. Thank you."

"Just how incredibly grateful I am for your ability to see straight into a situation or issue and find the pertinent place to plumb. Your business model — from funneling clients to automatic email responses — you've thought of every way to balance being responsive and honoring your energy needs. I'm inspired."

"I can not only access and accept my emotions, but am able to sit comfortably with them, even the "hard" ones, and celebrate the power of them. I recognize the beauty and benefit of having and leaning in to my emotions. I have grown in through the power of the changes that I have gone through in this time. The power of witnessing other people going through their process and the sense that I am not alone in my process. What I can learn from witnessing others. The ability to recognize emotions and needs. The ability to articulate them. I feel like I learned a lot from you about ways to access my emotional and spiritual body. I love your mirroring and insights. I feel much more confident to be strong in my emotional life and be present with my emotions."

"I have come to understand and access the emotional body through the different tools and techniques shared through your supportive and nurturing work. Have the emotional break throughs as a male as this is not an easy or built in norm. But now knowing what this means as a way of navigating and blending into a life of feeling and connecting on all levels. I deeply appreciate your compassion, wisdom and clarity while being on your own tough journey. You cultivate an energy of trust and only deliver from your place of truth. Thank you for being a wonderful human being and choosing the path of a guide and healer."

"Your emphasis for listening to our inner guide and body rather than looking for external guidance and to be in good relationship with your inner authority is quite an important one."

"You have been an invaluable support to me on my journey and I will cherish you in my heart always. Your teachings, wisdom and insights will continue to grow and evolve me."

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Saraswati.

For over a decade, I have helped hundreds of creative, spiritual, healers all over the world amplify their material world success by turning their soul gifts into 6+ figure offerings.

I was born and raised in a Vedic Ashram, so I was educated in  Vedic knowledge and wisdom from a very young age, but finding balance within the material world has been a true test of my own dharma. I’ve had to learn how to create balance–both spiritually and materially–through a dharmic business model. I’ve figured out a process and formula as a result of over a decade of practice, challenges, overcoming obstacles, and honoring my own body sensitivity.

I teach my clients how to live in alignment with their inner wisdom, and create effective soul-based businesses that are truly nourishing. My approach to dharma and healing is trauma-informed and body-based.

Individuals who work with me consistently achieve greater self trust and deeply understand why their soul is on this planet. This clarity helps them become more successful, focused and aligned and ultimately, helps them reach their financial goals and actualize their deepest dreams.

My personal dharma is to help you awaken your gifts, shine brighter in this world, and support the transformation of this whole planet.

I hope you’ll join me. 

Guest Teachers

Julia Tulsi Bagnoli

Sanskrit + Vedic Science ~ B.A. and M.A. in Vedic Science, with a specialized emphasis in Sanskrit chanting and Yogic Philosophy, and successful second generation Jyotishi.

Madhu Pura Dasa

Dharma Business ~ Former Bhakti monk, successful musician, founder and CEO of Madhu Life- his seven figure coaching business rooted in Dharma and Vedic wisdom.

Dr. Lisa Raskin

Shaka Vansya Ayurveda ~ Natural Health Care and Ayurveda Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic, and one of only seven physicians certified in the teachings of Shaka Vansya Ayurveda (SVA).

Ben Collins

The power of Yagyas ~ Skillful Jyotishi and founder of The Yagya Group and, delivering traditional ancient yagya services since 1997 with his team of trained Vedic priests.

Laura Plumb

Ayurveda and the Wisdom of Jyotish ~ Founder and Director of VedaWise, lead faculty for the Ayurvedic Integrated Nutrition 200 hour Professional Training, and author of the best-selling book Ayurveda Cooking For Beginners as well as a successful Jyotish Astrologer.

Tiffany April Raines

Jyotish gemstones ~ Certified Vedic Gemologist, accomplished Jyotishi and Head of Sales at Astrological Gem since 2007.

Course Outline

  • October
    October $20

    Phase One: Foundations
    Dinacharya for a Jyotishi

  • November
    November $20

    Phase Two: Foundations
    Am I On Path? How to clarify your life purpose.

  • December
    December $20

    Phase Three: Shadow Work and Your Purpose

  • January
    January $20

    Phase Four: Soul Contracts and Soul Progress

  • February
    February $20

    Phase Five: How to use Jyotish for Healing

  • March
    March $20

    Phase Six: What Are My Soul Gifts? How to Strengthen Your Dharmic Purpose.

  • April
    April $20

    Phase Seven: How do I Share My Gifts in This World? Improve Your Leadership and Guidance Skills.

  • May
    May $20

    Phase Eight: Skill Development and Practice Sessions.

  • June
    June $20

    Phase Nine: Build and Grow Your Business from an Embodied Dharmic Perspective. Creating prosperity and refining your unique offering.

Receive special pricing and payment plans until OCT 10th

Embodied Vedic Astrology

with Swati Miller
Regular Price: $9,997
  • Enrollment is closed until Fall 2024
  • Recoup your entire investment during the course
  • One year given for completion
  • Receive up to $2000 off before OCT 10th. Payment plans available


“Yat pinde tat brahmande” is a Sanskrit verse from the ancient Vedic texts, the Puranas. It translates as “the universe is within you.” Vedic knowledge is rooted in the understanding that the macrocosm and microcosm are reflections of each other. The entire body is a reflection of the macrocosm. The vast macrocosm is a direct reflection of the inner microcosm.

The Jyotish chart is a map of your entire body. Every part of the body is neatly organized in a straight forward, orderly expression within the houses. Signs, planets, and nakshatras further refine the nature of the body. Your relationship with your own body- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual- determines your results in this life. The body, and the body alone, is the vehicle for your soul to fulfill its dharmic purpose.

My life long studies of Vedic knowledge, Jyotish, Ayurveda and the limbs of yoga set me on a path of embodiment. For me, there is no way to separate Jyotish and the body. My Ayurvedic mentor, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, once told me “the highest purpose of Jyotish is for healing.” Ultimately, Jyotish is a tool for expansion of consciousness. This tool can be used to deepen your connection to the light of your own soul and inner awareness, or disconnect you for your own truth and inner wisdom.

I coined the term Embodied Vedic Astrology when I realized that not everyone has the same intentions with Jyotish. My life-long embodiment training through dance and movement, Vedic studies, and body-centered expressive art therapy degree naturally integrated to become a unique perspective. I consider Embodied Jyotish to be the original purpose of Vedic astrology, the most ancient expression of its pure form.

Embodied Jyotish means using Vedic Astrology in a way that deepens your connection to body, intuition, and the light of your own soul. It is a reference point for clarity, insight, body wisdom, and self awareness. The Jyotish chart informs your body awareness and your body awareness informs the Jyotish chart. They work seamlessly together.

Embodied Vedic Astrology is not about prediction. It’s not about telling someone what to do and how to do it. There is no right way or wrong way, purity or impurity. The way modern Jyotish is used today typically disempowers the individual. Consequently, it attracts people who are disempowered and want an authority to tell them what to do. There is a hierarchy with most Jyotish dynamics where power can be dangerously misused. In my experience, Jyotish can strengthen the ego and if not used properly, power abuse can occur.

As a Jyotishi, your purpose is not to “know more than your client” or feel superior. Your role is simply to guide the client back to their own body wisdom and intuitive guidance. This is the purpose of Embodied Jyotish and why I feel it is important to make the distinction.

Simple questions like:

What do you notice in your body?
What does your body need?
How does this feel in your body?
What feels true to you?

Inevitably, the most important feedback I hear from clients is that our sessions help them trust their own intuition and inner knowing.

As a trained body-centered expressive art therapist and somatic healer, my work has always centered around body intelligence and building inner wisdom. Jyotish is a tool that can enhance this process if used properly.

Most Jyotishis today, however, are simply trained to tell clients what is the best timing for getting the material world results they desire. As if they have no free will and choice in the matter. The fact is, your body determines your results. Even if Nature is supporting potent results with love, if your body is not prepared to receive this love, you won’t make much use of this auspicious cycle.

If channels of abundance and wealth are open due to a helpful Venus cycle, you need to be in harmony with life force energy and have structures set up for receiving. Without honoring the wisdom of Venus and water, as well as its natural intelligence in your own body, the abundance will be squandered or even lost. Your relationship with your own body and Nature determines your results.

When you use the Jyotish chart to support healing and transformation, you can enhance your results through listening to the body, asking the body to share messages with you, and harvesting insights that will support lasting change. This requires taking action steps, gathering resources, cultivating new behaviors, and strengthening inner power. However, this direction and guidance must come from your own body.

Jyotish is in fact a tool that can enhance inner listening skills when used properly. When I guide a client through a body check-in and ask them to listen to a body part that needs attention, inevitably when we look at the Jyotish chart, there is a specific insight that shows up in that area of the chart.

For example, if a client comes to session with pain or sensation in their feet, I will ask their feet to share a message and a need. When we look at the Jyotish chart, there will likely be a significant planetary influence happening in the 12th house of feet. If natal Saturn lives in the 12th house and Moon is transiting this house on the day we meet, the grief of Saturn in the feet will be illuminated. This insight becomes the entry point for deeper discovery with all themes of 12th house and feet. This includes the ancestors, safety, stability and support. There is always a correlation between body experience and the Jyotish chart.

Predication is disempowering and unhelpful in the long run. Jyotish should be supporting your inner resiliency, self trust, and intuition when used properly. Embodied Jyotish is for those who are on a path of cultivating right-relationship with their own inner authority and empowerment. They want a tool to support strengthening their intuition and body wisdom, while creating a deeper alignment with the Laws of Nature and cycles and rhythms of Nature.

Jyotish is the study of cosmic cycles and Nature’s intelligence. It is rooted in symbols, metaphors and nuance. It requires a refined recognition that the cosmos influence all aspects of body and life.

For those who are wanting to deepen their relationship with body and Nature, Embodied Vedic Astrology will take your Jyotish practice to the next level. If you are a yogi or healer of any kind, Embodied Jyotish will amplify the way you work with the body, intuition and your own healing modalities. Anyone who desires a deeper relationship with their own body and soul will benefit from an embodied approach to Jyotish.

If you wish to strengthen your dharmic path and soul purpose, there is no other option than to enhance your relationship with embodiment. Your entire dharmic path is cultivated through body wisdom, intuition, empowerment, and your inner intelligence. Without self trust there is no dharma. In that way, Embodied Vedic Astrology becomes nonnegotiable for those seeking true dharma. The body is the way and an embodied approach to dharma cultivates a deep sense of self mastery and inner trust.