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June Sidereal Moon Wisdom + Transits

*Image by Carrie Wild

June begins with Mars in his own sign of Aries, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Sun in Taurus, Ketu in Virgo, Saturn in his own sign of Aquarius, Moon and Rahu in Pisces.

June Transits:

Mars in own sign of Aries on June 1st

Shani Jayanti on June 6th

Venus in Gemini on June 12th

Sun in Gemini on June 14th

Mercury in own sign of Gemini on June 14th

Dhumavati Jayanti on June 14th

Gayatri Jayanti on June 17th

Summer Solstice on June 20th

Mercury in Cancer on June 29th

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius on the 29th

Mercury in Cancer on the 29th

New Moon in Taurus and Rohini Nakshatra on June 6th at 06:38 AM MT

As the month begins, Taurus gets your attention. Four planets collide in this earth sign during the new Moon. A tight combustion with Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occurs for the first half of the month. Venus loves being in the earthy sign of Taurus, but doesn’t love the heat and fire of the Sun in such a close proximity. Jupiter, Venus and Mercury get scorched by the powerful rays of the Sun, causing pressure, heat, and exhaustion. Ketu gives his gaze to this amplified combination of planets.

Relationships get your focus. There is something important that you need to learn or overcome as Jupiter supports deeper understanding. The mind may feel anxious, over stimulated, and overwhelmed. Although you may be energized and activated, slow your body down. Less is more with this combination. Be methodical in your steps and take simple action. Stay close to your body and listen carefully.

As Venus navigates its own sign, Taurus, until June 12th, invite in new support and stability. This cycle is a powerful time to bring long standing ideas and dreams into manifest form. Taurus is great support for creating in tangible ways, while offering nourishment, financial support, and food for life force. Speak, express, use your voice, and ask for your needs to be met. Gems, food, wealth, and abundance are here if you want to say yes.

Mars is happily navigating his own sign of Aries, which is a potent upgrade from his challenging transit through Pisces. Feel the clarity, focus, and energy of a well balance Mars this month and next. Don’t neglect this momentum as it won’t come again for another two years. When mars is balanced and in harmony, right action is amplified. Stay connected to your dharmic truth and take appropriate action without delay.

During Amavasya (new Moon), the Moon is transiting its favorite sign, Taurus, while navigating the powerfully creative star, Rohini. This portion of the sky is ruled by Lord Brahma, god of creation. Both Brahma and his wife Saraswati create an unstoppable force of manifestation.

Rohini nakshatra is a powerful portion of the sky dedicated to creativity on all levels- allowing dreams and desires to manifest. Ruler of this nakshatra, Lord Brahma, is the god of creation; he literally birthed the universe from his navel. Now is the time to bring forth your ideas, desires and creative impulses from the unseen, hidden realm. Awaken your deepest desires and allow them to take shape.

If you’ve been putting off action steps, expansion of ideas and desires, now is the time to get serious. There is a lot of proactive energy in the transits right now that can be put to good use. Use your energy wisely and channel it creatively. Ask for more and step up to make it happen. Manifestation occurs when we activate and align with our dreams and desires, while also taking conscious, congruent and consistent action steps to support them.

Use this coming waxing cycle to birth something new. Awaken your buried passions and ignite your purpose. Where have you been playing too small? What have you neglected to fully ask for? What steps are you resisting or refusing to take?

Maximize your creative life force energy and awaken the power of your creative courage. Step into your power and potential. Restructure, release, transform and grow. Shed the old parts of you that doubt and play the victim. Uproot the stories and mental blockages that are keeping you poor and in survival. It’s time to step up, expand your ability to receive the nourishment of life. Make sure that your actions and choices align with your desires. Seek congruency with your vision and your behaviors. Open the channels for more life force energy and say yes to life!

What desires need your attention right now?

What are you creating on your path and what steps are you taking to make it happen?

How can you come back to sensuality and pleasure more fully?

What needs to be created, expressed, nurtured- in order for you to be fulfilled?

What are you manifesting right now and why?

Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mula Nakshatra on June 21st at 19:07 MT

The tight conjunction of planets navigating Taurus has broken apart as the full Moon arrives. Jupiter is now alone in earthy Taurus, offering his stable support and guidance with material world gains. Sun, Venus and Mercury have all moved into Gemini where the combustion continues. Mercury love his own sign of Gemini and Venus adores the creativity of this airy sign. Sun causes heat, pressure and activation with his fiery input. Venus and Mercury get overheated by the Sun god, causing life force energy and ojas to burn up quickly.

The mind may be sharp and clear with Mercury in Gemini, but watch for over-thinking, over-doing, and overly self critical thoughts. This is an excellent time to balance Vata and Pitta, as well as keep the mind cool. Eat green foods, walk in the woods, spend time in your garden and enjoy the wisdom of plants in order to get through the end of June peacefully.

The month continues with three planets in their own signs. This causes balance, harmony, ease and contentment. Enjoy the flavor of simplicity and let the body be soft and gentle. Get clear, focus on harmonious outcomes, and take action steps that yield positive results. Communication and action can align with the current planetary transits. Create, express, write, dance, and be courageous!

A powerful shift occurs with Saturn just as the month closes. Retrograde Saturn will intensify his effects in Aquarius for the next 4.5 month. Remember that retrograde planets increase and activate the planetary effects and how they express themselves. All things Saturn will be amplified. You will need to know where Aquarius lives in your chart and what Saturn is activating in this area of your life and body. READ MORE ABOUT SATURN IN AQUARIUS

The June Full Moon is in Sagittarius and Mula nakshatra. Sagittarius is a fire sign known for its spiritual inclinations. As the number nine, it naturally reflects the wisdom of the 9th house of dharma. Symbolized by an archer pulling his arrow back, this sign needs to remember to take action, not just prepare. There is a tendency for “over-preparation” with this sign, rather than taking focused, right-action.

Notice where you are causing delays, creating obstructions, and resisting forward momentum. The support will be here for you to move forward, but you must take the steps to make it happen. This sign wants fairness and justice, as well as truth. The shadow side to this sign is dogma, puritanical beliefs and ideals.

The first constellation of Sagittarius is Mula, considered one of three gandantas in the zodiac- a gap between water and fire. Gandantas are notorious for uprooting the psycho-emotional body levels. This particular gandanta, or gap, is connected to the nakshatra, Mula. Ruled by the dark goddess, Nirrti, this constellation is often disruptive for the dharmic path. Nirrti in fact is married to adharma, that which goes against dharma, causing calamities, chaos and misfortune on the path that obstructs or delays dharma. Expect your tap root to feel unstable during this coming cycle. A poignant uprooting is taking place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at this time. Grounding and stability are vital.

Are you making choices that move you closer to dharma or further away from it? What are you releasing, removing or uprooting right now?

What needs to be cleared and eliminated so that you can move forward in a different way?

What needs are surfacing as you sift and sort through the rubble?

What are you making space for and how do you want to move forward differently?

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