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May Sidereal Moon Wisdom + Transits

May begins with Venus combust Sun in Aries, Sun exalted in Aries, Jupiter sandhi in Taurus, Ketu in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn, Saturn in own sign of Aquarius, Mars, Rahu and Mercury conjunct in Pisces, Mercury debilitated in Pisces.

May Transits:

Mercury in Aries on the 10th

Akshaya Tritiya and Matangi Jayanti on May 9th/10th

Sun in Taurus on the 14th

Bagalamukhi Jayanti on May 15th

Mars and Rahu in exact degrees on the 18th

Venus in own sign of Taurus on the 18th

Narasimha Jayanti on May 21st

Kurma Jayanti on May 22nd

Narada Jayanti on May 24th

Mercury in Taurus on the 31st

Mars in own sign of Aries on the June 1st

New Moon in Aries and Bharani Nakshatra on May 7th at 21:22 MT

Debilitated Mercury is at the edge of the zodiac, poised to jump the gandanta once again into Aries. The dance of Mercury over the past few months has brought challenges and obstacles with communication, finances, and the mind. With one final leap from water into fire, a finale arrives. The last pada of Revati nakshatra and the edge of Pisces brings closure, release and endings. Is your mind ready to let go?

There is a new beginning taking place with all things Mercury so make it intentional. What needs to be released, closed, grieved? What parts of the mind need your attention in order to start anew? Clean up the mental body and re-pattern old stories. Your mind and it’s outdated programming need an upgrade. And so does your money.

As Mercury enters Aries, he joins exalted Sun for five days until Sun moves to Taurus. This combination can bring immense clarity, focus and determination. Set goals and achieve them. Clarify your direction, take action steps that align you with your passions and purpose. Don’t miss this energy, but avoid burnout as well.

Venus continues to chase exalted Sun through Aries, getting overheated in the process. This passion, heat, and pressure continues through the end of the month and into June. This combination can activate relationship stress, physical body burn out, and inflammation in the body. Watch for excess heat, over-working and heat exhaustion. Slow down, let less be more, and try not to put so much pressure on yourself. Jala, the inner waters, may be at boiling temperatures with the fire of the Sun. Keep calm and carry on. Cool off in water and take time for rest and rejuvenation.

With Jupiter newly arriving in Taurus, expect a clunky entry. He won’t gain strength until later in the month. For now there is still a clearing and cutting process taking place as he navigates Krittika nakshatra. Take this time to de-clutter and de-junk your life. There is expansion of material world success coming, but only if you make space for it. Read part one of Jupiter in Taurus on my blog.

The New Moon in Bharani nakshatra is a time of restraint and rebirthing.

This is a cycle of rebirthing, releasing, and powerful transformation. There may be laboring in the process of this birthing, but trust that something new is emerging. It will be worth your effort. Something is dying within you. Let it go and create space for the new.

The May new Moon in Aries signals a fresh start, a new beginning and a process of opening to a whole new cycle. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Exalted Sun is here until mid month, while Mercury and Venus are both entering new annual cycles as well. As the Moon empties, releases and darkens, it is signaling the shift towards a new phase of life- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Bharani nakshatra is ruled by Yama, lord of death and king of dharma. He determines your karmas at the time of death and encourages self control, restraint and right action. Through alignment with dharma, Yama supports your afterlife and rebirth process. Those who go against Yama will receive the wrath of Natural Law. He judges, rules and enforces the Laws of Nature with unwavering fierceness. Only dharma can win over Yama. His judgement is based on your actions and service in this life.

In the waxing cycle to come, you will be asked to let something die. Yama will ask you to rebirth, transform and start anew. You will not be able to do this without letting something go. This process of release will be more painful if you resist or refuse the release taking place. Accept the transformation and allow the changes to arrive.

This is a powerful time to declare your intentions for your dharmic path and purpose. Upgrade your actions, choices and behaviors in order to get new, more life supporting results. Clear old, mental programing and thought patterns keeping you stuck in lack and fear. The current transits are supporting an ego-identity shift and the release of very old, ancient structures. Your ability to achieve a positive shift will be determined by your willingness to show up and do the necessary work. Yama’s offerings take effort, clarity, focus and a fierce focus on one’s service to humanity.

The most auspicious day of the year is May 9th and 10th, Akshaya Tritiya. Both Sun and Moon are exalted on this day. It is said that only positive outcomes can emerge on this day, and that there can be no harm. All actions will be fruitful and yield positive results. Luck, success and powerful results occur when you align with the strength of this day. Plan accordingly. This is a powerful day to take action steps towards your biggest desires and take dharmic action. Nature will be ready to support you!

Full Moon in Scorpio and Anuradha Nakshatra on May 23rd at 07:52 AM MT + Buddha Purnima

Venus and Sun continue their heated chase through Taurus. Jupiter provides some grounding support for this combination, but continue to watch for heat and pressure. Venus in his own sign of Taurus promotes stability, balance, and happiness with relationships, love, and romance. While combust the Sun, there may be increased passion, pleasure, and material success. Watch for inflammation, excess Pitta, and overindulgence- especially with Jupiter in the mix. Ketu gives his drishti, causing sudden changes, losses and epiphanies.

Mars and Rahu are in tight conjunction most of May. This combination creates Rudra energy, storm god energy. Expect storms internally and externally with heat, fire, and water. Could be issues with hot water and might signal potential hurricanes. Both planets are transiting through Revati nakshatra which brings endings, loss, and release with it. There may also be travels, water journeys, or over seas trips likely. Wherever Pisces lives in your chart, expect some heat and storms in this area of your body and life. Be especially careful of your feat.

The May full Moon occurs while Moon is transiting Scorpio and Anuradha nakshatra. This is also considered Buddha Purnima, celebrated as the birth date of Lord Buddha, or Siddhartha, prior to becoming the revered spiritual teacher and enlightened master.

Moon is considered debilitated in Scorpio, which internalizes the emotional energy of this full Moon. You may notice this full Moon has a complex dynamic of fullness, but on a very inner level. You may notice that your emotional body feels full, intense and brooding, yet stuck. There is a need to release undigested emotions that have not been attended to or released during the previous cycles. Notice if you’re holding in your emotions and not fully acknowledging what is under the surface.

Anuradha nakshatra is ruled by Mitra, who supports alliances, friendships and connecting. He is detail oriented, wants you to succeed, and encourages friendship and supportive relationships that will help you grow.  This constellation is also ruled by Saturn, indicating that struggles and challenges must be overcome in order to gain success and achievement. Often Anuradha indicates grief, suffering and hardship that must be transformed. A willingness to change challenge into resource, difficulties into triumphs, insures the success and strength of this constellation.

This constellation is also a powerful reminder of transformation and celebration. Symbolized by a triumphal gateway, this portion of the sky ushers in the arrival of improvement, upliftment and achievement. A powerful reminder that our darkness can be shifted and transformed into something life serving and empowering. Through your dharma, change your tragedy, pain, and struggles into light, awareness and a powerful offering to the world.

In the waxing cycle ahead, spend time with quality people, dear friends and trusted allies. Ask for support from those you love and cherish. Work towards co-creation and connection. Acknowledge the challenges you face and commit to transformation and healing. Lighten your load and turn the heaviness and sorrow into ease and gentleness. The medicine for your journey is self love and acceptance.

Where are you resisting asking for help? What guidance, resources and wisdom are missing right now on your path? What new support or resources do you need in order to create more success on a material level? What action steps must be taken in order to create your vision and make it a reality?

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