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Dharma Mentorship

Nine months of Dharma mentorship for experienced healers ready to generate true financial prosperity in their spiritual business.

"Dharma Mentorship has helped me to regain inner strength and work through deep emotional barriers to move closer to my wholeness and natural contribution in the world. I feel supported and part of a loving and inspiring group of people doing this work."

"Being part of the Dharma Mentorship and being guided and supported by Swati has been one of the top experiences of deep nourishment in my life. I’ve stepped up into my leadership powerfully and each time more boldly..."

It's time to embody your medicine.

Building a spiritual business that feels both nourishing and financially abundant is a lot easier said than done. 

It’s hard enough just building a profitable business that doesn’t occupy every hour of your waking life. But it’s even harder to build that business when you lack clarity around what your offering is and the know-how to  communicate its value to your potential clients.

If you feel like your are spending hours of your valuable time spinning your wheels without any idea of where to invest your energy to make the most impact, I’ve got news for you…

Creating a wildly successful spiritual business without selling out or compromising your values is completely possible and easier than you think. 

And it starts with you knowing exactly where you need to invest your energy to create the most return. 

That’s why I created Dharma Mastery Intensive, because I wanted to give purpose-driven women just like you the exact support systems and structures you need to confidently scale and create true wealth and health in your body and business. 

In this high-touch point container, you’ll receive unparalleled support to shift from perpetual burn out and confusion, to having a crystal clear structure for your offerings and feeling complete confidence and trust in how to market yourself and meet your 6 + figure goals with ease. 

Are you ready to turn your soul gifts into six figures?

What You Will Learn

On this journey, you will awaken an integrated relationship with your body- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You will gain clarity with your dharmic path, your unique gifts and your offering. The resources provided are what every spiritual creative woman needs- in order to step into her true power, self expression and visibility in this world sharing her dharmic gifts and wisdom

In this process, you will use jyotish astrology, embodiment, somatics, expressive art therapy, EFT, Moon rituals, a variety of Vedic resources, ancestral guidance, and practical spiritual business tools, to integrate the material and the spiritual realms- so you can harmoniously share your gifts in this world and create consistent income doing what you love. 

Over the course of 9 months you will discover how to:


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Dharma Mentorship

*Individual packages and pricing also available.
  • Nine Months of private mentorship.

Who Is This For?

What's Included

Making 6+ figures is 20% having the right structures and systems in place and 80% transforming your set points, grief, and mental/emotional resistance.


“Dear Swati, you have truly changed my life and I am sure many, many others! The work with you and our amazing tribe have helped me heal and finally find my very own path...Thank so much for being you and sharing your gifts!!!" 

" I do not know how to express how much your support meant to me. I've never had that, and I realize how important it is. Working with you was a truly unique and transformative experience.  I feel empowered to go after what I want and stop settling. I catch myself in patterns and stories and I am able to really check in with myself about it. You were very supportive in reminding of my gifts and potentials. Your work will be with me always.Working with you has helped me to understand my sensitivities and how out of touch I have been with them. I am excited to discover what my life will look like as I start honoring my differences and leaning into the gifts they bring... feeling deep gratitude for you Swati. I have new hope for my future."

"I’m better at observing my behaviors and triggers. And less willing to do what others want me to do if it doesn’t feel right. I Ioved the one on ones and the art therapy was very helpful and illuminating."

"Things are feeling really good for me right now. I was on a national news show last week... I am definitely being called to step up and be seen right now! I am absolutely confident that the work we have done in the groups has brought this into alignment for me."

" I feel much more fulfilled by life and have my emotions in balance. I really enjoyed the tapping sessions and Vedic wisdom. I now have the ability to ask for what I need, to express my feelings and work with my dharma. I have grown immensely."

"I feel I have grown in so many ways! I've cultivated more self-kindness. Learned how to release shame. Tools to move past procrastination. Biz plan for new clients. Transforming perfectionism. Healed ptsd. Regained Self Trust. Healed psoriasis by releasing emotional inflammation. Embraced my niche (sensitive souls, emotional body). Let go of pressure to do traditional Ayurveda. More consistent daily action steps in my business to be visible and a leader. I trust I can heal and overcome any future obstacles and challenges because that is part of life."

Mentorship Phases

What to Expect in My Six Month Private Mentorship. A little more info here:

Durga Phase

Creating your business foundation, establishing your big WHY and the vertebra of your authentic dharmic offering, creating the proper business structure to reach your financial goals.

Lakshmi Phase

Laying the foundation for revenue channels and opening new pathways of receiving through organic lead generation, funnels, opt-ins, marketing strategies, and properly using social media platforms.

Saraswati Phase

Expanding and leading through effective marketing strategies, content creation, focused revenue strategies and social media campaigns.

Ready to join the mentorship? Book a free 15 minute clarity call with me to see if we're a good match.

- Saraswati

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Saraswati.

For over a decade, I have helped hundreds of creative, spiritual, healers all over the world amplify their material world success by turning their soul gifts into 6+ figure offerings.

I was born and raised in a Vedic Ashram, so I was educated in  Vedic knowledge and wisdom from a very young age, but finding balance within the material world has been a true test of my own dharma. I’ve had to learn how to create balance–both spiritually and materially–through a dharmic business model. I’ve figured out a process and formula as a result of over a decade of practice, challenges, overcoming obstacles, and honoring my own body sensitivity.

I teach my clients how to live in alignment with their inner wisdom, and create effective soul-based businesses that are truly nourishing. My approach to dharma and healing is trauma-informed and body-based.

Individuals who work with me consistently achieve greater self trust and deeply understand why their soul is on this planet. This clarity helps them become more successful, focused and aligned and ultimately, helps them reach their financial goals and actualize their deepest dreams.

My personal dharma is to help you awaken your gifts, shine brighter in this world, and support the transformation of this whole planet.

I hope you’ll join me. 

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Dharma Mentorship

*Individual packages and pricing also available.
  • Nine Months of private mentorship