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August Sidereal Moon Wisdom + Transits

August sidereal Moon Wisdom + Transits

* Image by Peggy Dean


August begins with Rahu and Jupiter in Aries, Sun in Cancer, retrograde Venus, Mercury and Mars in Leo, Ketu in Libra, Moon in Capricorn, and retrograde Saturn in his own sign of Aquarius.

August Transits:

Retrograde Venus returns to Cancer on the 7th

Sun in mulitrikona sign of Leo on the 17th

Mars in Virgo on the 18th

Mercury retrograde in Leo on the 23rd

Full Moon in Capricorn and Sravana Nakshatra on August 1st at 12:32 PM MT

This Sravana full Moon is especially auspicious and sacred. The Vedic holy month of Adhik Maas (which only occurs every three years) continues through mid August. The full Moon that occurs during this sacred month is known as Adhik Maas Purnima. Due to the nature of the lunar and solar calendars, every three years, an extra month is added to the Vedic calendar in order to create harmony. The lunar calendar has 354 days in it, while the solar calendar has 365. Adding an extra month to the calendar every three years rectifies this discrepancy.

Adhik Maas began July 18th and will end on August 16th. A Sravana full Moon occurring during Adhik Maas has not happened in 19 years. This is a very auspicious time for dharmic progress, inner growth, and spiritual awakening. Overcoming obstacles, increased blessings and life improvements can arrive. As with all sacred moments, the benefits increase when you are present, receptive, and aware.

Relationships and all things Venus take center stage for August and September. 

Sidereal Leo is getting extra focus with Mars, retrograde Venus, and Mercury all transiting this fire sign for an extended period of time. Retrograde Saturn gives his direct gaze. Mercury will also go retrograde at the end of August, stirring even more clean up.

With Saturn and Venus both retrograde and Mercury going retrograde late August, there is essential clean up taking place with your power and the masculine. 

Women, money, power, beauty, and vitality request your full attention and restructuring. Clean up bad behavior, plug energetic leaks and strengthen boundaries. Where are you wasting life force energy? Who or what is draining your time and energy?

 Watch for conflicts, burn out, getting over heated and excess anger. What does your anger tell you it needs? Listen carefully. 

Vishnu is the god of dharma- that which sustains and maintains order in the universe. The constellation of Shravana is his domain. This nakshatra allows the passing of knowledge and wisdom- usually through sound. In ancient Vedic times, dharma was passed through oral tradition until eventually it became written word. The full Moon and waning cycle ahead supports a powerful surge of strength for your dharmic path.

Are you aligning with your dharma through your choices and actions?

Are you moving closer to your passions and purpose, or further away?

Who will listen?
I proclaim with uplifted arms,
Practice of Dharma leads to Artha (material prosperity)
Kama (pleasure of life) and Moksha (liberation from karma),
Do not be deaf to my cries!
– Vyasa at the conclusion of the Mahabharata

New Moon in Cancer and Ashlesha Nakshatra on August 16th at 03:38 AM MT

The August new Moon arrives just as the sacred bonus month of Adhik Maas closes. This is another powerful moment in the Vedic calendar and a particularly potent new Moon. There is a shedding and release taking place with this new Moon. Pause and listen. Support the transformation process and awaken new dharmic clarity. In the cycle ahead, take action steps that support your new awareness.

Mars shifts into Virgo and Mercury goes retrograde in this waxing cycle. A potent clarifying process begins. Mars in Virgo does not tolerate impurity or lack of cleanliness. Saturn retrograde is already asking you to refine and purify. Mercury retrograde in Leo encourages improvements and upgrades with your power and purpose. Challenges and difficulties are a request to make adjustments and let go of ego attachments. Can this be simplified? How can you make this easier?

Sarpa is the ruling deity of Ashlesha nakshatra. He brings an occult, mystical experience with him- which can also be deceptive and illusory. His snake energy penetrates deeply and likes to go well beyond the surface understanding of life and existence. Sarpa energy is bold, intoxicating and transformational.

Transcendence and awakening are inevitable at this time. How do you go about inciting this change? Sarpa reminds us that from darkness, comes great wisdom- if we are willing to go beyond the mundane, surface level understanding. The opulence of awakening is yours when you take into consideration the many layers of your own power and shadow.

Full Moon in Aquarius and Satabisha Nakshatra on August 30th at 19:35 MT

August offers a second full Moon just before the month closes. Moon conjuncts retrograde Saturn, while Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury. This full Moon brings mental and emotional pressure and release. There is great healing possible with this full Moon, but it comes with grief and tenderness. 

Three retrograde planets create a storm of clean up and inner work around the time of the full Moon. Saturn, Mercury and Venus request relationship restructuring on a mental and physical body level. What needs to be repaired or released? There is a powerful healing process taking place. Lean in and listen. Release, shedding and transformation are awakening right now.

Satabisha nakshatra is a powerful constellation of healing. This full Moon brings an important junction point to your journey of change and transformation. Varuna is the ruling deity of this portion of the sky. He rules Natural Law and sustains it through seeing everything- dishing out consequences for that which goes against the highest Laws of the Universe. Said to have “thousands of eyes”, Varuna sees all actions, choices and behaviors. This gives him great wisdom, and allows him to be a great healer as well- as he can eradicate the root cause of disease. Sometimes Varuna is considered the king of kings for this reason as he rules over Natural Law, Universal Law, or Rta. Lakshmi and Soma are Varuna’s children. Both offer the blessings, healing gifts and miracles that are required to transform the disdain and displeasure of Varuna’s watchful gaze.

This full Moon is an excellent beginning and fresh start- especially for healing purposes. Disease that begins under Satabisha is extremely difficult to heal, so being extra diligent with routine, diet and life style choices are nonnegotiable in the cycle ahead. This is an excellent time to start your fall cleanse, follow Ayurvedic guidelines more closely, get more rest, exercise and meditate regularly. Use self care in the days ahead and hit reset. If you’ve been falling far away from a healthy routine and choices, now is the time to reel it back in and realign with more structure for building immunity and inner strength. The cure for the critical gaze of this constellation is increasing nourishment, resources, support and vitality. This comes from simplicity, ease and gentleness- not force or punishment. Let this be a reminder for your healing actions and choices as you realign with your inner truth and inner knowing.

The symbol of Satabisha is a drum or a circle, which reminds us of the healing power of this constellation, as well as containment and boundaries. There is inner and outer, self and other, inside and out. The sacred drum keeps time, supports our alignment with the universal rhythm and helps call us home to our own heart beat. Use the coming cycle to recommit to yourself, your own drum beat. Keep life simple, steady and slow. Find your pulse, find your rhythm. Let nature and her wisdom support your realignment.

Where do you need to simplify and reconnect with your own inner knowing? Where are you getting lost, erratic and creating difficulty? What challenges are asking you to look more closely and reevaluate your choices and actions? How is your inner critic keeping you from the nourishment you seek?

Use the coming cycle to come home to yourself and set the intention of healing your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Ask for guidance and seek out new resources where you see holes in your support team. Honoring your inner wisdom and truth is dharma. There is no other path.