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Ego Death: An Embodied Jyotish Approach to Ego Death

A few days ago, I pulled the Death card from my Vedic tarot deck. It got me thinking about ego death and what Jyotish can teach us about this concept.

Almost everyone I have spoken with lately seems to be going through a major ego identity shift. The transits have been dramatic and no one is immune to the intense changes taking place.

As a double Scorpio who has already endured Saturn Maha Dasha, Ketu Maha Dasha, two Sade Sati’s and undergone a myriad of deaths (both literally and spiritually), the concept of a shifting sense of self feels very normal to me. For some of us, ego deaths are about as common place as a full Moon! For others, not so much.

What is an ego death?

Ego is ones sense of self. From a Jyotish perspective, this is your natal Sun. How you self-identify, see the world, and experience life. When your sense of identity changes, you will experience an ego identity shift.

An ego identity shift is required for any positive changes you are creating in your life. In other words, the old YOU, will get you the NEW you. You must let the old go in order to make space for the new.

An ego identity shift can also occur when painful, harmful, or challenging experiences happen. You might suddenly identify as vulnerable, weak, unworthy, or disempowered after a painful loss.

Ego is how you identify in this human body. Having a healthy ego is essential for being a well human being. Being in right-relationship with your ego is necessary to be whole, embodied, thriving, nourished, and truly content.

Contrary to popular belief in many spiritual realms, negating or denying your ego is in fact harmful and will not make you more “enlightened”.

Humans need a healthy relationship with ego.

Death of the ego is more than a shift. It’s a complete re-birthing. A complete transformation of self where almost nothing remains from the past. You are reborn and the self identity is entirely new. What you once knew as your truth, ceases to be true for you.
Some people seem to go through ego transformation regularly. Others only have one or two experiences in a lifetime.

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From a Jyotish perspective, there are several ways to tell if you are going through an ego death, or ego transformation.

Ego and identity are seen from your natal Sun- its house placement in the natal chart, sign, and nakshatra.The first house is where your sense of self and identity take shape. Your ascendant is a powerful indicator of identity and how you experience yourself. Ruling planet of the ascendant as well as rising nakshatra are also layers of ego identity.

Assessing the chart as a whole will be essential for understanding the full identity of the individual, but pay close attention to the Sun and his transits when there is an identity shift concern.

If these placements occur natally, the individual may have life long experiences of ego death. If this is a transit occurring, the individual will feel a more acute ego death taking place.

Sun + Saturn conjunction: Sun feels pressure from Saturn and does not like being forced to slow down and mature. He feels delayed, obstructed, and frustrated.

Sun + Ketu conjunction: Ketu is disembodied and is not interested in the material world. He strips the Sun of material world desires and leaves him questioning what is real.

Sun + Rahu conjunction: Rahu is illusion, maya. The Sun feels confused and uncertain about his sense of self, identity, and worldly desires.

Combustion and wars can overly purify the Sun, causing deep pain, uncertainty, and loss of identity.

Sun marana in the 12th house: The Sun wants to be seen and shine brightly in this world. He is the source of life for the solar system. In the 12th house he can’t be seen, express his light fully, or visibly share his gifts. It feels like he’s dying. Often ancestral karma is involved with placement.

Sun in the 8th house: Anything that goes through the 8th house is going through a deep, inner transformation. This will cause a powerful shift in identity, sense of self, and personal beliefs. This may involve past life karma and transforming vulnerabilities.

Debilitated Sun in Libra: Debilitated planets can’t express themselves. They turn inward and struggle to be seen, heard, or acknowledged. When the Sun goes debilitated, it turns in on itself, forcing you to deeply contemplate who you are.

When Sun Transits Gandanta: Expect an ego identity shift when Sun navigates Ashwini, Magha, or Mula nakshatra- either natally or by transit. These junction points between water and fire are notorious for causing deep uprooting on the psycho-emotional body level.

Sade Sati: Although Sade Sati brings Saturn grief and pressure to the natal Moon, this 7.5 year cycle is notorious for changing you on profound levels- inner and outer. The ego will change and you will not be the same person on the other side.

Ketu Maha Dasha: This seven year dasha cycle will strip away the ego and all that you know to be true. This is a powerful cycle for ego death and rebirth. You will question everything and find a new sense of self in the process.

Rahu Maha Dasha: This eighteen year dasha cycle requires deep surrender and release. Wherever you’ve been gripping too tightly to your sense of self, identity, and the worldly, you’ll be asked to let go and find a different way. All that you have known is changing.

The Jyotish chart is a powerful resource for understanding Nature’s cycles and wisdom. When you understand the timing of these cycles, you can surrender, release, and trust even more. You will also be able to align more fully with the purpose of the cycle you are navigating and prevent challenges, obstacles and harm.

Your personal Jyotish chart is an incredible map of your body. Use it to strengthen your inner wisdom, self trust, and create a clear, confident path.
When used in an embodied way, Jyotish supports stronger intuition, soul clarity, and right relationship with your embodied wisdom.

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