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How to have a $90k course launch.

How to have a $90k launch.
Creating a six figure business is easier than you think- if you have the right structure and pricing in place. You’ll also need to understand how to do a proper launch sequence and know exactly what your audience wants. 

I’ve created many courses over the last six years. Some of them were very successful. Some were moderately successful. I’ve refined the mechanics of my launches over many years. 

This past year, I launched my first ever Embodied Vedic Astrology Course. I was super nervous because this is my legacy of work all rolled up into one year long certificate course.

I’ve spent more than a decade sharing my Jyotish wisdom. Over the years, I created my own unique expression of Jyotish using embodiment and expressive art therapy. 

If this course flopped, it would be crushing. In fact, I was so nervous, I almost didn’t launch it. Fortunately, I have some incredible tools for working WITH the fear and not ignoring it. Remember, every single launch will require that you’re working with your fear, not ignoring it.

Before I even launched the course, I prepared. I was in pre-launch mode for months. This was one of the reasons my launch was so successful. 

I pre launched for over four months. I strategically dripped out content to my list that would prepare them for my launch cycle. I was quietly doing market research every step of the way and it paid off. 

I can not over emphasize your pre launch and market research phase. If you miss this step your launch is likely to fail or at the very least, not be as successful. 

Another reason my launch was so successful is I used Jyotish to pick specific dates for my launch to start and close.

I was working with nature and her support, not against it. Using Jyotish to support your business success is really nonnegotiable if you want an easy gentle business. 

With this launch, I got 10 amazing students to join me.

Because I priced this course to reflect its value and my years of experience, I more than covered my bottom line. 

Ten students in this group has made the course nourishing and intimate. I’m happy with ten people!

*This is a snapshot of my first month of sales.

Here are the numbers:

$9,000 X 10 clients = $90,000

Everyone in this course joined with one of my payment plan options.

I’m fine with this and even encourage it- if it helps someone step into the process more easily. 

Even with everyone on a payment plan, I’m still happy with my monthly revenue from this one course- especially because I have other revenue streams in my business.

I only work about 20 hours a week.

For my Jyotish course, I teach one class a week and there’s not a lot of extra work required to keep the course going. Outside of class, I am mostly focusing on teaching and emails. This means I have plenty of time to run my business and take care of my body.

Here’s how I made this $90k launch happen:

The launch was predominately through my newsletter, social media lives and content, my FB group, collaboration and referral processes behind the scenes, and personal outreach to past clients. 

I created content that motivated and activated my ideal client. My CTA was clear and focused. I proved exactly how my clients would get an ROI on this investment and why now was the time to join this course. My focus was on having personal conversations without being salesy.

You must know exactly what problems you solve and how to prove that you have the solution. There’s quite a bit of strategy involved with this if you want to do it well. 

I don’t want to pretend this was easy. It wasn’t.

It took a lot of mental and emotional strength and perseverance to reach the finish line. I didn’t give up and because I wanted it so bad, I made it happen. This is the truth about having a successful launch. You can’t give up! 

Here are my launch reminders:

  • Pre launch for months and do your market research 
  • Price your course properly 
  • Carefully curate your content
  • Ask others to help you & have a solid referral process in place 
  • Offer payment plans
  • Don’t give up 

There you have it. My recipe for a $90k launch. Totally doable if you have the right step in place, a solid formula, and the motivation to get results. 

If you want my help making your next launch successful and profitable, step into my Dharma Mentorship process.