Saraswati Dharma Coaching

How to Heal Your Ancestors + Podcast & Tapping Meditation

Have you established a deep connection with your ancestors? Did you know that your Dharma, your purpose, is handed to you by your lineage? In this podcast with Beyond the Illusion, I discusses the interconnectedness of trauma, ancestral healing & spiritual purpose. Sharing my blend of Vedic wisdom & spiritual insight, I unlock the missing piece for fulfilling your Dharma.


  • What is embodied Vedic Astrology and how did Saraswati come to practice it?
  • What’s the connection between Dharma and trauma?
  • Can meditation take the place of trauma and grief work?
  • What is the biggest missing piece for Westerners in terms of healing, grief and ancestral work?
  • How do Eastern and Western Astrology differ?
  • What does the term “contract worker” mean spiritually and why do only contract workers find Saraswati?
  • From Saraswati’s spiritual perspective, why do we incarnate?
  • What is karma and how do we heal it?
  • What percentage of our karma is ancestral?
  • How can you navigate the ancestral component of trauma for personal and lineage healing?
  • What are some of the different types of ancestors?
  • Why is it important to work with the ancestors?
  • How can we develop a stronger connection with the ancestors?
  • Why is an embodied approach so important to Saraswati’s practice?
  • In which house do your Dharmic gifts reside, according to Vedic Astrology?
  • Did you know you can ask your ancestors for a yearly increase in compensation?

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* Note I misspoke. Kali Yuga is 432,000 years. Each yuga is 1200 years long.

Tapping Meditation for Ancestral Connection and Support

Ready to strengthen your connection to the ancestors?

Deepen the connection with your body wisdom and the ancestors with this tapping meditation. You’ll create an ability to align, connect, and receive guidance from Spirit and the ancestors as you tap along.

*Tap along with me as I hike in the snowy Colorado mountains. You’ll hear the crunch of snow and my dogs playing as we tap. 🙂

Tap through these points as you repeat after me:

Karate chop point (side of the hand).
Crown of the head.
Eyebrow point (above the eye).
Side of the eye.
Under the eye.
Under the nose.
Chin point (crease of the chin).
Throat point (collar bone/throat chakra).
Heart point (center of chest).

Reset point (base of the ribcase under the breasts)
Stomach point (above the navel).
Side body (nipple line at side of chest).

Tap six to ten times on each point and just keep cycling through the points. Repeat the phrases I use aloud. Notice any thoughts, stories, memories or emotions that emerge as you tap. These are important pieces to return to, do more tapping on, as a way to clear blockages. As always, if the words I use don’t work for you, change them to support your process more fully.

Building a relationship with your ancestors and receiving their support is a practice.

Here are six ways to feed your ancestors so that your relationship can thrive.