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How to make a quick $5k.

I see this happen all the time with healers who have been in business for a while- and especially if they are just starting their business.

You create an amazing offer.

You’re SO excited to launch it! You put it out to your audience….. and nothing.

Your launch fails to, uh, launch.

You feel like a failure. Maybe you even think about quitting or giving up.

All that hard work, effort, and excitement to share your special gifts and wisdom! Only to be met with little to no response AND no revenue.

It’s tragic and painful.

When you create something from your heart and soul, you want to share it with those who really need it most. You also want to make money doing what you love!

This is why you need to understand the mechanics (and psychology) of a proper promotion cycle.

You already know that cash flow is the life blood of your business.

Without revenue, you don’t have a business. You just have a very expensive, time consuming hobby.

If you are not hitting your financial goals consistently, there’s a good reason for it. Implementing a strategy for consistent cash infusions will shift you towards more balance and ease in your business.

I see struggling businesses miss this one a lot. Most coaching programs don’t even teach this. It’s no wonder that barely anyone understands how to do a really good promotion cycle.

If you want to make consistent cash for your business, you must understand how to do a proper promotion cycle.

These steps will insure that your next launch is successful. It’s all about knowing how to build momentum and gather strength- so your potential clients eat up your offer and are happy to pay for it.

Once you implement a proper promotion cycle structure, you will see consistent cash flow in your business every six weeks or so.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know an extra 5K+ is rolling in this month?

Get my strategy for a proper promotion cycle.

Use my exact formula for creating a successful launch- so you can start creating consistent revenue in your business.