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January Sidereal Moon Wisdom + Transits

As January and the new year begins, Jupiter moves direct in Aries, Moon transits Leo, Ketu is in Virgo, Venus and retrograde Mercury transit Scorpio, Mars and Sun transit Sagittarius, Saturn navigates his own sign of Aquarius, and Rahu transits Pisces.

January Transits:

Mercury goes direct on the 1st

Mercury re-enters Sagittarius on the 7th

Sun enters Capricorn on the 14th

Makara Sankranti on the 15th

Venus enters Sagittarius on the 18th

Mercury in Capricorn on February 1st

New Moon in Sagittarius and PurvaAshada Nakshatra on January 11th at 04:58 AM Mountain Time

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars conjoin in Sagittarius during the new Moon. Mercury and Mars navigate the gandanta, Mula nakshatra. This gap in the sky is notorious for uprooting the psycho-emotional body knots that hinder dharma, the purpose of the soul. This new Moon offers a powerful awakening for your path if you use it properly. Do you allow chaos and calamity to disrupt your one pointed focus? Or do you refuse to let the dark goddess, Nirrti, disrupt your gaze? With all planets moving in a forward motion now, it’s time to take clear action steps in the direction of your dreams and desires.

As Moon transits Sagittarius and marks the emptying of the past cycle, it amplifies the intensity happening in the fiery, focused sign of Sagittarius which is often connected with dharmic pursuits. Are you on your dharmic path or off? Where are you feeling the pressure and heat in your life?

Sagittarius is a fire sign that is deeply connected to spiritual desires. As the number nine, it naturally reflects the wisdom of the 9th house of dharma. Symbolized by an archer pulling his arrow back, this sign needs to remember to take action, not just prepare. There is a tendency for “over-preparation” with this sign, rather than taking focused, right-action. Notice where you are causing delays, creating obstructions, resisting forward momentum. The support will be here for you to move forward, but you must take the steps to make it happen. This sign wants fairness and justice, as well as truth. The shadow side to this sign is dogma, puritanical beliefs and ideals.

In the waxing cycle ahead, focus on your path and purpose. Sagittarius loves a one-pointed focus that has value, insight, spiritual purpose and powerful intentions for the greater good. Are you in alignment with your higher purpose or playing small and feeling insignificant? It’s time to step up and play bigger- especially on the level of spirit. Align, awaken and co-create with nature, the ancestors and the spiritual realms. Allow spiritual wisdom and insights to influence you. Material pursuits and ego driven actions won’t be supported right now. If you’re having challenges and progress feels slow, it’s time to make some adjustments. Spiritual and dharmic endeavors will be supported at this time.

New Moon in PurvaAshada nakshatra welcomes transformation in the body and allows the inner waters to purify, release and clarify. Movement, yoga, dance, creativity and pleasurable activities will allow the emotional body to move from stagnation to fluidity. Are you supporting your emotional body intelligence or bypassing it? Emotions are connected to your inner waters. This is also your connection to creativity, nourishment, life force energy and wealth on all levels of life.

Apas is the ruling deity of the constellation PurvaAshada. As the goddess of water, she supports purification on every level of life- either through gentleness or force. Water can be soft, misty rain, or forceful waves and stormy hurricanes. She can be immense flooding or a trickling stream. Without water, however, there is no life. Consider what needs purification and cleansing in your life. Where are you feeling the stagnation of your inner waters? How can you support the water of life to flow more freely in your body and life?

Makara Sankranti occurs on the 15th this year. Traditionally, Makar Sankranti occurs on the 14th every year. Although most Vedic celebrations are aligned with lunar calculations, Makar Sankranti is a rare holiday that is based on the solar calendar. Since 2024 is a leap year and the shift of Sun into Capricorn occurs after dusk, a rare Makar Sankranti occurs on the 15th of January, 2024. Makar Sankranti in the Vedic Calendar marks the movement of Surya (Sun) into Capricorn and the beginning of more light and longer days. Mentioned in the Mahabharata, this solar festival is estimated to be about 5,000 years old. Mark this solar timing with intention and invite in the return of the light. What are you inviting in and ready to receive?!

Full Moon in Cancer and Pushya Nakshatra on January 25th at 10:53 AM Mountain Time

Healing and nourishment arrive with this full Moon in Cancer. Moon loves being in its own sign and feels balanced and content here. Rahu gives his gaze as does Mars causing some emotional disturbances and possible agitation. Mercury and Mars have now moved to the portion of the sky ruled by Apas, the water goddess. Their tight dance through Sagittarius continues causing frustrations and challenges with action steps, spirituality, and purpose. Mars is the karma yogi who wants clear, focused action. Mercury is a scholar who prefers thinking and studying. For obvious reasons, these two planets aren’t compatible. Venus is also navigating Sagittarius simultaneously which can provoke confusion with relationships. Action prevails. Even if you aren’t fully clear yet, move forward anyway. Stop waiting for perfection and let “good enough” be your mantra for now.

Cancer is the sign of all things emotional body, as well as mother, heart, land and home. It naturally correlates to the 4th house of the zodiac. Watery insights and deep feelings emerge with this sign. Use the cycle ahead to be honest with your emotions. Clear and release undigested or stagnant grief. Gather support, guidance and wisdom for healing and transformation. Acknowledge boundary work and what needs are surfacing.

Brihaspati’s nakshatra, Pushya, is a a constellation ruled by the structure and constriction of Saturn, and yet Brihaspati is the personification of Jupiter and his expansive, spiritual nature. When the energy of Saturn and Jupiter align, ultimate integration is awakened. Seek alignment between your polarities in the coming cycle.

This nakshatra has seemingly contradictory rulers. Brihaspati is the deity who governs this lunar constellation. He is the personification of Jupiter, the expansive, nourishing, wisdom giver. However, the planetary ruler of Pushya is Saturn, who rules contraction and grief. As the nourishing star, this nakshatra reminds us of the importance of balance. Both expansion and contraction are vital for any real balance to be experienced. Cancer is the sign Pushya resides in, which is the seat of our emotional body and heart, and the home to our inhale and exhale. Pushya reminds us that the ultimate nourishing breath of life comes with both openings and closings. Healthy boundaries that include yes and no, being a part of this process.

As the nourishing star, this nakshatra supports balance- honoring the open and close of life and death, inhale and exhale, joy and pain. Integrating our polarities, both shadow and light, are essential in order for maximum nourishment from life. Inner and outer needs must be integrated and harmonized here. Where do you need more balance with inner and outer? Use your heart to calibrate your needs and choices. Keep landing back in your heart wisdom, your emotional body, and listen carefully. There is depth and awakening available to those who listen to the wisdom of heart and breath in this cycle.

Balance, breath and heart wisdom, opens and closes in the coming weeks. Though Pushya is the nourishing star, a provider of support, wisdom and holding, it often arrives after some release and letting go; just as the exhale allows the inhale. Take time for landing in your heart and breath in the coming cycle and use your breath to arrive in the now. Open the heart and release the pain. What are you opening to? What are you closing to?

What needs to be restructured in your relationships so you can receive more nourishment? Where are you saying YES where you should be saying NO? What important wisdom is your emotional body trying to tell you? Be proactive and make sure your action steps align with your deepest needs.