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Jupiter in Aries: Confronting the Self in the Material World + Horoscopes

Part One: Jupiter moves to Aries on April 22nd, 2023.

The ease of the past year is ending. From a dharmic perspective you should always pay close attention to the year long transits of Jupiter. He determines the type of support and knowledge you receive on the path. 

In your natal chart, Jupiter indicates the nature of your dharmic path in this life time. As he transits around your natal chart, he activates specific body parts, themes, intentions, and natural laws that help you ripen on your dharmic path.

Jupiter in Sidereal Aries, April 22nd 2023 to May 1st 2024
Retrograde September 9th, 2023 until December 31st, 2023

As Jupiter enters Aries, there will be a dramatic shift in energy. We’ve been graced with a year of Jupiter in his most balanced sign, Pisces. This potent and supportive transit only happens every twelve years. The shadow side of this past year of Jupiter support has been complacency and laziness for many, as well as missed opportunities and avoidant behavior. This will not be allowed moving forward and the consequences of avoidance may feel harsh and painful.

Jupiter must cross the threshold between water (Pisces) and fire (Aries) which is considered an important gandanta (gap) that forces endings and beginnings. This gandanta is particularly focused on uprooting the psycho-emotional body knots that have been holding you back on your dharmic path. A deep renewal of self is being requested. Resistance will cause deep pain, while surrender will ease the path.

Jupiter collides with Rahu as he enters Aries, causing disturbances to Jupiter’s sattvic nature. As the planet of dharma and purity, he supports the path of the soul with pure knowledge, wisdom and guidance. Rahu opposes his sattvic nature with shadow, darkness, illusion, desire and confusion. The nature of Rahu is to crave worldly pleasure and when he touches Jupiter, it creates confusion on the dharmic path. This dynamic means that the spiritual advisor must confront the demon.

For many signs, this new Jupiter cycle will feel abrupt and alarming. You’ve gotten used to support and balance over the past year in a way that increased healing and balance. Although great losses and endings were felt during this cycle, Jupiter brought Nature support and encouraged greater alignment with the dharmic path.

Jupiter in Aries is not about balance, comfort, or ease on the path. In fact, this year long cycle is much more about growth within the self and the necessary action steps that must be taken to support dharmic growth. There will be self growth in a worldly sense, as well as a more spiritual level growth, however, his conjunction with Rahu will intensify the challenges emerging. This conjunction lasts from April 22nd 2023 until October 30th 2023. This will be a confusing time for all dharmic seekers. This is a request for greater inner work.

I’ve been warning my clients that a dramatic change is on the horizon. For those who benefit from others suffering (such as healers) this may be a time of advancement and growth for your business. Expect people to need your gifts and wisdom more than ever. However, as the healer, you must also be well and thriving in order to be of true service.

Much of what worked over the last year of Jupiter in Pisces will cease to work in this new cycle. The endings you faced over the past year will force you to make decisions that create new growth and beginnings. As Jupiter enters Aries, you are being asked to start anew, whether you are ready or not.

Depending on what house Aries falls within your natal chart, awakening self awareness will take many different forms. The coming cycle will be a powerful process of self awareness. Wherever you have not been honest with your self, ego, boundaries, and needs, you will be forced to see the truth. No more hiding, avoiding, or numbing.

My suggestion for you right now is to use the next few weeks to prepare for the year ahead with proactive steps. You must strengthen your team of support. Improve your ability to reach clients in new ways. Move out of avoidant and numbing behaviors that keep you disempowered. Focus on self growth, healthy ego, and potent action steps that will truly move you forward on the path. Aries is worldly and wants visibility and Jupiter is the spiritual advisor. Hiding is no longer an option.

If your nervous system tends to be in fight or flight, your methods of coping and responding will require radical shifts due to physical burnout, health challenges, and overwhelm.

If your nervous system tends to be in freeze or fawn, you will be facing challenging relationship dynamics, boundary issues, and conflicts that force you to create clear boundaries within yourself.

Anywhere you have been avoiding or neglecting your own truth and needs within relationships will come to the surface requesting your presence and action. This process will be highly uncomfortable for many. The level of numbing and avoiding you’ve been doing will determine the level of challenge you must confront. Aries is highly confrontational and likes to fight. Your relationship with power and conflict will determine how you move forward in this cycle- in body, business, money, and body.

Remember this moving forward:
Pisces is about the spiritual realms, while Aries is about the material realms. If you’ve been hiding in the spiritual realms over the last twelve years, you are now being asked to step into the material world. Avoiding this reality will become increasingly uncomfortable.

Where have you been neglecting your worldly contracts and obligations?
Where have you been avoiding your self, your needs, and your boundaries?
Where have you been numbing your soul truths and soul desires?
What is the new action and behavior that moves you towards your soul nourishment?
Where are you spiritual-bypassing your human needs and material world desires?

Part Two: Rahu and Jupiter Conjunct in Aries ~ April 22nd 2023 until October 30th 2023

Aries correlates to the first house, the head, and the whole body. This sign has a tendency to ram its head into a wall repeatedly and get locked in conflicts without tending to resolution or solutions. As its symbol, the ram implies, Aries likes to rely on its brute strength. This creates many conflicts and causes challenges. Aries needs to remember to strengthen its wholeness, not just rely only on the physical body. There is a tendency for physical burn out, aggressive behavior, and an over reliance on strength, rather than tending to emotions and spirit.

As Jupiter enters Aries, he collides with Rahu. The guru must confront the demon head on. This is highly symbolic for your dharmic path. What is the demon that you face? Inner conflicts intensify in this cycle as the guru and demon dance together for the first half of this transit. There will no doubt be important lessons in this process, however, the positive strength of Jupiter in Aries will not be felt.

Whatever Rahu touches, he taints it with darkness. As the shadow node, he shrouds whatever he encounters with illusion, confusion, smoke and mirrors. Wherever he lands you can be sure there will be uncertainty, misunderstandings, and a compulsion to look at this area of your life and body. See my 2023 horoscopes to understand what body part is impacted in this transit. The body part Rahu is impacting will be a resource in this cycle. Lean closer and ask this part of the body to give you insights into your challenges. 

Are you addicted to conflicts? With yourself? With others?

Where are you resisting or refusing solutions, resolutions, innovation, and change?

Remember that getting stuck or feeling a lack of new results is actually a resistance to your own power on some level. Be mindful of where you are avoiding your own soul, your true power source. Conflicts and aggression are a misuse of your life force energy. Seek peace, acceptance, support, and tools that will help you dissolve these inner and outer conflicts.

Rahu transiting Aries can cause a neglect or avoidance of self, soul work, the spiritual, as well as your own strength and power. This is an important time to lean closer to your fear, terror, grief, shame, and guilt around power, identity, and visibility. Be mindful that there is an attraction/repulsion dynamic at play here. You will be asked to do shadow work around father, father’s lineage, and your ancestral relationship with power.

As Jupiter joins Rahu in Aries on April 22nd, he brings his expansion and sattvic nature to the mix. The greatest teachings of this transit will be felt in this six month cycle. You have been confronting immense challenges over the past year head on. With Jupiter joining Rahu in Aries, the lessons and wisdom begin to materialize. Finally some sense of insight will be emerging. 

Why might you be afraid of more visibility?

Why might you resist being even more powerful?

What is your relationship with power and purpose?

Aries is ruled by Mars, and Sun is considered exalted in this sign, indicating a strong desire for action, focus, physical strength and determination. However, with Rahu transiting here, there will likely be confusion and inconsistencies with your action. Watch for resistance, avoidance, inconsistently showing up, and lack of follow through or presence with your action steps, goals, and desired results. This is a cycle to watch for soul avoidant behaviors and disconnecting from the physical body.

Saturn is considered debilitated in Aries, reminding you to tend to structure, stability, consistency and routine even more intentionally in the coming cycle. Although Saturn will be in his own signs for the duration of this Rahu/Ketu transit, honoring his desires insures your physical body strength as well as spiritual and material success. Be mindful that some resistance to structure and consistency will need your attention.

Rahu in Aries gives you an opportunity to create a whole new relationship with your inner power, physical body, and your sense of self. If you are willing to face your fear, this can be a very important transit for creating a new ego identity that is more empowered, focused, and successful.

Jupiter in Aries brings a depth and inner growth that starts a brand new twelve year cycle of dharma. The lessons you learn about the self and other in this process will continue to shape and transform the coming twelve years. Pay attention to the themes developing, what you are confronting, and the wisdom arriving. All of this will be a premonition of the path ahead. 


Lack of follow through or presence

Avoidant behavior

Confused action steps

Conflicts and aggression

Wasting life force energy

Lack of strategy, goals, and follow through

Resistance to showing up in the body

Inconsistencies with action steps

Self doubt

Fear of visibility

Soul betrayals or abandonment

Resisting or refusing to awaken a new identity

Fear and resistance of power

Challenges being firm and clear

Overly confrontational
False gurus and teachers who are incongruent
Confusion with dharmic path and purpose
Mistrust of self and inner wisdom
Feeling unprepared or not ready to begin yet
Excuses and sabotage on the dharmic path


Conflict resolution and solutions

Focus on physical body, strength and healing

Forced to show up because of challenges

Focused action on goals and outcomes

A desire for visibility and empowerment

Seeks support for a new sense of self

Ownership of goals and desires

Rebirthing and awakening a new identity

Healing through creating

A willingness to cut away illusions

Commitment to health and vitality

Creating right relationship with power and inner authority

Taking responsibility for one’s actions, choices and behaviors

Clarity with boundaries
Has to pay attention to body and soul
Deeper understanding of self and soul work
A renewal of commitment on the dharmic path
Relationship growth and expansion
Prioritizing the self and body

Jupiter in Aries Nakshatras:

Jupiter in Ashwini ~ April 22nd 2023 until June 21st 2023
Jupiter in Bharani ~ June 21st 2023 until November 27th 2023
Jupiter back in Ashwini ~ November 27th 2023 until February 3rd 2024
Jupiter back in Bharani ~ February 3rd 2024 until April 16th 2024
Jupiter in Krittika ~ April 16th 2024 until June 12th 2024

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Sidereal Horoscopes for Your Dharmic Path ~ APRIL 2023 to MAY 2024

These Horoscopes will give you general themes for the year to come based on your rising sign. Horoscopes are based on your sidereal, or Jyotish rising sign, not your Western or Tropical sign. There is likely no correlation. You may also use with your sidereal Moon or Sun sign for extra insight.

ARIES: Rahu and Jupiter collide in your head causing confusion in self and with relationships. Your sense of self and identity is going through a major transformation. This is an essential shift for your dharmic path and soul purpose. Relationships are shifting quickly. Expect restructuring and sudden changes with others. Friendships and sibling dynamics are vulnerable, but you’re learning so much about yourself in this process. After October, you will feel life expand in a more positive direction. The efforts you have been putting in over the last year will finally reap some reward. Watch for excess kapha, phlegm, and weight gain. Be careful of bad habits and overindulgence in all areas of life. Stay on routine and stick to a structure or you will find yourself on a run away train that will be hard to stop. Be extra careful with your head. Head, whole body, shins, calves and pelvis need your attention.

TAURUS: Boundary work takes center stage in this cycle. Challenges and conflicts arrive with relationships as you learn to assert yourself more clearly and consistently. Digest and heal trauma around conflict and aggression. The ancestral realms are your teacher at this time and great wisdom will be coming from them. Dreams strengthen and may become a powerful part of your offerings. What are you learning from solace, retreats, meditation, and spiritual practices? Put more focus on relationships and be clear in your needs. Animals and clients need your attention. Saturn in your 10th house is requiring structure and consistency with your offerings. Don’t neglect your work even if it feels like you’re not making progress. Consistent steps will yield the best rewards. This is a good time to do a cleanse, keep the bowels clean, and make sure your diet is pure. Feet, lower intestines, and knees require your focus.

GEMINI: Gains are coming, but only if you’ve really been releasing and letting go. You must make space for the growth and expansion. What are you willing to let go of once and for all? Friendships require attention and learning as do older siblings. There are losses and restructuring with children so pay attention to their needs. Your power is going through a big transformation so keep the solar plexus and upper gut clean and clear. Transform challenges with the masculine and power. Make space for true empowerment and self trust. Saturn in your 9th house requires structure and devotion on your dharmic path. Be consistent with your action steps, do your grief work, and stay focused on your spiritual path and purpose. There may be grief with teachers, guides and gurus. Solar plexus, upper gut, shins, calves and thighs need your attention.

CANCER: Home, heart, and mother are creating deep moksha, but likely through restructuring, loss, and trauma work. You are being pulled into more visibility through your offerings. Share your wisdom and insights and don’t be afraid to step into more empowering roles. Notice how the story of confusion and self doubt sabotage your success and expansion. Watch your knees and don’t push too hard. You are in a phase of material expansion that can bring more money, however, you’ll need a clear plan of action and consistent steps. Saturn transiting your 8th house is one of the hardest cycles for the planet of grief. You will not be the same person after this 2.5 years. Dig deeper and be sure to honor the depths of your grief and trauma fully. No bypassing allowed. Heart, lungs, knees, excretory and sexual organs need your attention.

LEO: Your dharmic path is requiring great focus and attention, while simultaneously causing you great confusion. As Jupiter arrives in your 9th house, new insights and awareness may arrive. Watch for false gurus and teachers not in integrity. You need to learn to trust yourself more instead of handing your power off to a higher authority. What does it feel like to be in right relationship with your own inner authority? Get creative, focus on your self expression and using your hands to make art. This cycle require extra courage and trying new things outside of your comfort zone. With Saturn in your 7th house, relationships bring grief and constant effort. Be consistent with your commitments as well as firm and clear in your expectations. Thighs, hands, arms, shoulders, sexual organs, excretory organs, and pelvis will need your attention.

VIRGO: This cycle is a deep dive for you. Vulnerability and fear is high. Use this opportunity to explore your depths and honor your shadow and grief work. You are in the shamanic realms for the coming year. Your dharmic path will be heavily shaped by this spiritual transformation process. Get more support for your spiritual journey into the netherworlds, but take caution not to attract teachers and guides who are misaligned or unsafe. Voice and money need your focus and awareness. Transform and heal trauma blocking your power, self expression and money. Saturn in your 6th house requires firmness with boundaries, money and healing. Undigested grief in the lower gut is likely blocking your wealth. Keep the gut clear and digestion strong. Pay close attention to diet and clean up your habits. Constipation is likely. Excretory organs, sexual organs, lower gut, voice and throat need your attention.

LIBRA: A great restructuring is happening in your body and with your sense of self. This is a cycle that supports an ego identity shift. Illusions and masks are falling away quickly. Who are you becoming? Relationships continue to be a source of great learning and growth for you. The lessons and insights strengthen as Jupiter enters your seventh house. Expand your reach and meet new people. Watch for misunderstandings and untrustworthy people. Children will need your focus and may be a source of grief over the next 2.5 years. Show up consistently and don’t neglect your responsibilities- even if it feels tiresome. You need structure, routine, and commitment and so do your children. Try to enjoy life even if it feels challenging. Less will be more on every level in this cycle. Keep your life simple. Pay attention to head, solar plexus, upper intestines, and pelvis in this cycle.

SCORPIO: Boundaries and healing work are a top priority right now. Clean up your needs and be pristine in your boundary work. This includes clear self expression and using your voice firmly. There is immense release and letting go taking place. You are starting anew with less baggage. The ancestral realms are alive and awake. Ask for an increased support and guidance. Dreams are activated and share premonitions with great clarity. Your animals and clients need your support so don’t neglect your duties. You’ll be learning a lot from them in this cycle. With Saturn in your 4th house, grief in the heart needs your attention. Mother, home, and emotions require a consistent focus. Money and financial matters are strengthening now. It’s time to make some real progress. Lower intestines, feet, heart, and lungs need your attention.

SAGITTARIUS: Your power and solar plexus are requiring great attention and focus. You are learning something important about power and purpose right now. A new sense of empowerment is strengthening. Trust yourself and your path. Intuition will be heightened as long as your gut and digestion are clear. Cleansing the gut will be important right now. Keep stagnant digestion moving. This impacts clear thinking and intuition- which you need for your dharmic path. Losses, changes and transformations with older siblings and friends are inevitable. Children will likely require your attention and focus even more right now. What are you learning from them? Creativity and courage require a great deal of diligence in the next two years. It will be worth your time to be consistent with your creativity and self expression- even if it feels tedious. Upper gut, solar plexus, shins, calves, shoulder, arms and hands need your attention.

CAPRICORN: You are being pulled deeply into your heart in this cycle. Challenges, pain and heart expansion are inevitable. Confusion with heart, home, and mother become a strong focus for you. At the same time, restructuring with your dharmic offerings are taking place. It may feel uncertain how to share your gifts at this time. Your visibility is shifting and it may feel tedious to run your business. Less is more. Surrender and trust. Let go and release. You are learning how to simplify. The truth is you need to simplify even more. With Saturn in your second house, finances and voice require consistency, structure and grief work. Speak, share, connect and express yourself- even if it feels challenging. Heart, chest, lungs, voice, throat, and knees require your attention.

AQUARIUS: This is a powerful cycle for increasing courage and creativity. Self expression and the expressive arts are requesting you pay attention. Use your hands and create! This is vital for your dharmic path and spiritual expansion. Be innovative and try new things. Get support and guidance for your creativity so you can learn even more. Younger siblings may bring challenges or have a hard time. Your parents may be struggling right now as well. A restructuring is taking place on your dharmic path that may cause confusion and uncertainty. Tend to spiritual trauma and spiritual bypassing. You are being asked to awaken a new sense of self trust. This trust must come from within. Notice where you hand off your power to an outer authority or to those in power positions. With Saturn transiting through your head, consistency and grief work are crucial. Routine will serve you in a new way so stay focused and make self care a priority. Hands, thighs and head need your attention.

PISCES: Expansion of voice and self expression is emerging. Speak and share your wisdom. Watch for bad habits and clean up your diet. Be especially careful of over-indulgences. Vulnerability and trauma work are an important focus. You’ll be diving deep in this cycle so be sure to get extra support and guidance from trustworthy resources. Build a solid support team right now that enhances and encourages your power and purpose. Saturn navigating your 12th house is bringing up ancestral grief work and marriage struggles. Your dreams will be very informative for your grief process. What are you learning? Go on retreat, meditate, spend time in solace. You’ll be needing a lot of time to process and digest. Foreign travels are likely, but take precautions because this is a vulnerable time. Money is expanding as long as you are prudent with saving more than spending. Voice, throat, feet, sexual organs, and excretory organs need your attention.

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