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March Sidereal Moon Wisdom + Transits

March begins with Jupiter in Aries, Ketu in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Mars exalted in Capricorn conjunct Venus, Saturn, Sun and Mercury in tight conjunction in Aquarius, and Rahu in Pisces.

March Transits:

Mercury debilitated in Pisces on the 6th

Venus in Aquarius on the 6th

Maha Shivaratri on the 8th

Sun in Pisces on the 14th

Mars in Aquarius on the 15th

Vernal Equinox on the 19th

Saturn and Venus in exact conjunction on the 21st

Lakshmi Jayanti on the 24th

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 24th

Mercury in Aries on the 25th

Holi on March 25th

Venus exalted in Pisces on the 31st

Mercury retrograde on April 1st

New Moon in Aquarius and PurvaBhadra Nakshatra on March 10th at 03:01 AM MT

Four planets align in Aquarius at the time of the new Moon. Venus, Saturn, Sun and Moon request balance, integration and order in this air sign. There is a request for collaboration and connection, entrepreneurialism and innovation. Call upon relationships for support, think outside the box, and create something new for yourself.

Mercury is now debilitated in Pisces, conjunct Rahu. Mind, money, imagination, creativity, and communication are vulnerable to shadow, illusion, darkness and fear. You will need to be diligent with strengthening the mind this month so you don’t get lost in the darkness. Your nervous system will need extra support this month. Meditation, pureed greens, wearing green, and spending time in Nature are essential for strengthening Mercury and mental body clarity.

Debilitated planets can’t express themselves. Their energy turns in on itself. Be careful that you don’t turn so far within that you lose your sense of self. Use tools to remove illusion and darkness. Ask for help and gather extra support now, so you don’t get lost. This will be a challenging transit for most people. Focus on increasing your inner light. Not through by-passing the grief and fear, but by facing it and actively transforming it. March and April are not the months to be launching new offerings, rather it is a time to incubate new ideas and creative ventures.

Shivaratri arrives this year on March 8th just before the new Moon (Amavasya) on March 10th. This is a time of deep silence and strong potential. It is the marriage celebration of Shiva and Shakti, a symbolic union of wholeness- when the absolute unmanifest, conjoins with the pulse of life force energy. Masculine and feminine merge and create life- and the ability to manifest becomes amplified. From this place of union, we can ignite the power of being, the power of life.

Transformations abound right now- inner and outer. Are you paying attention to polarities in your life? What dualities are you aware of and what is needed for their integration?

This is a powerful time for meditation and reciting the Mrityunjaya Mantra:

oṁ tryambakaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭi-vardhanam ǀurvārukam-iva bandhanān mṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt ǁ

Shivaratri supports planting seeds of potential through the depth of silence. Shiva as destroyer, is at one with this awakened state of creativity. His role is to support your collapse into concentrated, focused alignment with the harmony of existence- that which is pure consciousness, deep, unaltered silence and awakening. This is where your creativity resides, your ability to manifest, create and transform- over and over again. Through the transcendence, you can easily touch this silence in its pure form.

Shiva reminds us to use this silence to release, simplify and transform. From a silent and awakened state, you can plant the seeds of life more intentionally and powerfully. Use your deep inner silence for stirring your creative desires.

The new Moon arrives in Sidereal Aquarius and Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra on the 10th. This is a constellation that requires balance between opposing forces and facing duality. There may be a need to straddle two realms in the coming cycle, an invitation to transition between spiritual and material worlds.

Purva Bhadrapada requires holding extremes, opposites, opposing forces. This constellation is ruled by Ajai Ekapada, who is another name for dancing Lord Shiva, or Lord of the Dance. He moves with one foot firmly rooted into the earth, while lifting the other leg- poised and ready, open to possibility. In this way, this constellation supports the dynamics of duality, yet wholeness.

Aquarius also has dual rulers- Saturn and Rahu. This is a dynamic sign that is complex and intriguing. Worldly, yet inward and reclusive. Grand and expansive, yet simple and grounded. Old and wise, yet innovative and new age. It’s hard to pin point an Aquarius.

Use the innovation and entrepreneurialism of this new Moon to incubate something. Think outside the box and step boldly into the unknown. You don’t have to have all the answers yet. All you need is the courage and effort required to forge a new path for your self. If you aren’t willing to try something new, you will not get the fruits of growth and expansion. Remember, without your consistent effort and action steps, you won’t get very far. Your dreams require that you show up for them- everyday.

What are you creating and imagining for yourself and your life?

What steps are moving you closer to your dreams and desires?

What steps are moving you further away?

Get focused, clear and intentional with your actions and energy in the cycle ahead.

Renewal, awakenings and beginnings arrive with the Vernal equinox on March 19th. The length of light and darkness is almost equal on this day, which marks a turning point. For the northern hemisphere, days will be getting lighter (longer) as we move into spring and summer. This is the beginning of more light, more life. Shakti is stirring, inviting in more creativity in the coming days and months. This sense of opening moves us towards an eclipse cycle that begins in April.

Full Moon in Virgo and Hasta Nakshtra on March 25th at 00:59 AM MT + Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

As the month comes to a close, the stagnation of planets in Aquarius is now focused on Mars, Saturn and Venus. Frustrations and inflammation with relationships is surfacing. Pressure and anger is active. Seek a new sense of balance and alignment as you navigate stops and starts. Mars and Saturn conjunctions are particularly challenging for momentum. Saturn wins for most of this transit, so slow down and simplify. Progress may be slow, but notice what is being refined.

Sun joins Rahu and debilitated Mercury on the 14th, shedding new light on your mental struggles. As Sun enters this complex dynamic, watch for self doubt and disempowerment. The shadow of Rahu is strong and can impact the light of the soul. With mind already vulnerable through debilitation and conjunction with the north shadow node, be firm and clear with your mental turmoil. Doubt the doubt. Remember your true light and purpose. Don’t get lost in the disappointments and illusions. For many, this month long transit will be challenging for self worth and purpose. You may be going through an ego death or an ego identity shift. Transform and release, but don’t lose sight of your inner truth.

The Vedic celebration of Holi, often roughly coincides with the vernal equinox and the arrival of spring (for the Northern Hemisphere and fall for the Southern Hemisphere). As the transition point occurs, new seeds are being planted. This powerful festival of creation and color occurs on the 25th this year. Holi is a Vedic fertility celebration which sparks immense creative life force energy. Potential, possibility and creative power are enlivening. Step into your Divine Feminine power! Ask your ancestors to guide you with the process of creating and manifesting your desires.

Hasta nakshatra is ruled by Savitr, the god of dawn. The sacred slice of light that emerges everyday, signaling the dawn, is his domain. This is a sandhi time of day, or gap, that is particularly potent for awakening. Transformation, transition, and inner awareness are supported with this constellation. Hasta and Savitr support the returning of the light, a powerful reminder of light overtaking darkness. This is a natural part of nature, her cycles and rhythms. Every day she reminds us that the light returns, the Sun rises, our life force enlivens. This is a profound Law of Nature.

This full Moon signals a new dawn, yet there is a fragility and vulnerability that comes with it. Powerful light is present, while sensitivity is also at an all time high. Use this sacred, natural gap to pause and listen to your body and its wisdom. Honor the immense silence occurring in Nature and align with the strengthening potency of the Divine Feminine. Meditate, use ritual, body care, easy to digest foods, and the Gayatri Mantra to honor your stillness.

Savitr brings the light to us in this coming cycle so get ready to wake up! His bright light brings consciousness, evolution, and enlightenment. This will require a willingness to see, notice and look- even if you don’t want to. Notice the spectrum of your inner landscape- emotions, thoughts and unconscious grief- as this will support your healing and transformation process. Even if you don’t want to see, it will be impossible not to look. When the darkness is touched by the light, we can’t help but see the truth. Savitr brings light and awakening whether you want it or not.

Hands come alive under Hasta nakshatra. Let them be a guide, a resource and a support for your healing process. There is some magic in the hands asking you to look more closely. What are your hands saying to you? What do they need?

Use Gayatri Mantra to enliven the light and wisdom of Savitr in the coming days.

Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

Eclipse Portal Wisdom

The March full Moon coincides with a Partial Lunar Eclipse, opening a two week eclipse portal that awakens the dawn of awareness, insight, and understanding.

On March 24th at 10:53 Mountain time, the two week eclipse portal opens. The Partial lunar eclipse ends on the 25th at 03:32 am MT. During a lunar eclipse, Sun, Earth and Moon align and the Earth casts its shadow on the Moon. Because this is a partial lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth will only cover a portion of the Moon. This eclipse is visible from the USA.

Lunar and solar eclipses happen in pairs. A lunar eclipse always occurs about 2 weeks before or after a solar eclipse. On some occasions, a lunar eclipse can be both preceded and followed by a solar eclipse. This lunar eclipse kicks off a two week eclipse portal that closes with a full Solar eclipse on April 8th with the new Moon.

Though eclipses are an astonishing astrological event and an extremely rare occurrence, the Vedic perspective does not advise looking directly at the eclipse or being outside during the eclipse.

From a Vedic perspective, it is never advised to be outside during an eclipse, or to look at it directly. If you must be outside, make sure your head is covered. Essentially you are absorbing shadow when you look at or are out during the eclipse- especially if it is visible in your location. It is like taking on more Rahu, or serpent energy, and is thought to bring more calamity and “shadowed awareness” into ones life.

This new Moon and eclipse portal requests balance, integration and alignment. Right action is a focus and priority. Use action with awareness and wisdom. Take consistent steps towards goals and intentions. Build momentum based on your previous actions and choices. What moves you closer to your dharmic truth and life purpose? What moves you away from it?

This opens a two week cycle of shadow that is not good for starting new projects, new endeavors, or relationships. Emotions tend to intensify during eclipses and shadows are much stronger. You may feel less clear and focused so don’t make sudden decisions. Challenges often intensify so we can see them more clearly and make the necessary changes that will support new growth. This can be a time of immense inner transformation if used properly.

From a Vedic perspective, it is not advised to be outside during an eclipse or to look directly at the eclipse taking place. Wear a head covering if you have to be outside so you don’t absorb the shadow. Ideally, this is a time for spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting and fasting. Set intentions and honor the sensitivity of this time. It is also widely recognized that during and between eclipses, starting new endeavors will not bring positive results. No new projects, relationships or activities should start in the eclipse portal. Notice what needs are arriving, then take action after the eclipse portal closes. Best to lay low, attend to spiritual pursuits, get extra rest and work with your inner shadow very consciously during this cycle.

Use the eclipse day for spiritual practices, rest, retreat and your dharmic path. Set intentions for the coming weeks and honor your self care. Honor you emotional body wisdom and confront your inner shadows. Make necessary changes in your actions and choices. Release negative thought patterns, behaviors and inner dialogue that is keeping you stuck in patterns and cycles of lack. Clear, release and let go so that you have even more space for your deepest nourishment.

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