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Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra: Restructuring and Awakening A New Sense of Self + Horoscopes

Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra + Horoscopes

Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra:
Restructuring and Awakening A New Sense of Self

Part One

Whenever the darkness is not integrated and unified with the light, there will be imbalances and disharmony.

The shadow always seeks the light and the light will always return to darkness. This is a Law of Nature that reminds us of our true wholeness. Where there is shadow, there will be also be light. Where there is light, there must also be shadow. When we look at the Jyotish chart, Rahu and Ketu remind us of this truth.

Ultimately, Rahu can not be denied, nor Ketu- his counterpart in karmic liberation. One’s Jyotish chart shows where the soul is seeking light and how it will bring your awakening. The relationship between Rahu and Ketu represent the attraction/repulsion dynamic that compels each soul to awaken and transform.

The blessing of your courageous efforts and your willingness to face your darkness, is finding that within the most disturbing parts of yourself, you will actually find the missing pieces you are desperately longing for. Your wholeness comes from facing your fear and transforming it into light. If you are truly willing to look into your own shadows you will undoubtedly find the very gifts you so desperately long to receive. Your shadows in fact hold the gifts you seek for wholeness, for your dharmic offerings to the world, and for deep soul contentment.

We all have resistance and fear. Finding the resistance within yourself and within your life, will point the way towards your shadow parts. Remember that the life force energy you use to resist your own darkness takes incredible energy to maintain. This resistance becomes a drain of vital life force energy that could be put to good use elsewhere. Energy you could put into living your one precious life- actualizing your dreams, taking bold, fulfilling action steps towards your deepest nourishment!

We each have an attraction and repulsion dynamic within us- a push and a pull. The fear within that says “I want it, but I’m terrified of it at the same time.” Rahu and Ketu will show you exactly where this fear dynamic lives in your body and life.

What you desperately long for and desire is the core of your shadow work and points the way to all the pieces of your darkness. What you deeply long for is seeking you in other words- and it’s hidden within your shadows. Your shadow, and working with your deepest fear, is the axis of Rahu (shadow) and Ketu (light) in your Jyotish chart. Rahu is both darkness and compulsions, as well as desires and insatiable desires. Ketu snips the ties away that are binding you to fear and illusions.

Let Rahu drive you towards your own wholeness. Let him show you what you long for, and what you need the most in this life for soul contentment. Let him also show you what you are resisting simultaneously. The sooner you are willing to accept Rahu’s desires, the easier your life will get.

The placement of Rahu in your Jyotish chart will point directly to the main theme of your personal mythology. Rahu and Ketu are quite literally karma points and they show you why you have incarnated into this body, into this life, and what your soul is here to learn.

The dance of shadow and light, Rahu and Ketu, express your ability and your willingness to grow and awaken in this life time. Will you continue to resist your shadows, your darkness (Rahu)? Or will the compulsion to awaken from the illusions be strong enough to awaken and crack you open (Ketu)?

When you resist your darkness, you refuse and resist the healing and the medicine that life has to offer. You are essentially refusing and resisting awakening to your most essential gifts and the power of your own soul. These soul gifts always reveal your dharma, your life purpose, your reason for being alive. Thus there is an immense reward for your efforts- if you choose to take on the task fully.

Your dharmic path, the path of your soul’s awakening, is not the path of ease, numbness, ignorance, avoidance or denial. In order to awaken, you must befriend your shadow parts and meet layer after layer. This is a process of continuously going deeper into your darkness in unending cycles. To dive for pearls of truth tirelessly- as though your life depends on it.

This is why aligning with one’s dharma, you soul’s true reason for being alive, is not for everyone, and is in fact evasive for most people. For those who thrive on transformation though, the gifts are unending and continue to unfold.
Your shadows hold your most potent power, and the wisdom you need for your life of soul contentment. The skill then becomes not just the willingness to go into your shadow, your darkness, but to also know when to let go of it, to release and shift into something new. This requires continual ego identity shifts and transformations. Are you clinging to old identities that no longer serve you or feel helpful?

Some will never walk fully into their shadows and bravely peel back the layers of their suffering and pain. For those willing to do this courageous grief work, you must also remember how to come up for air and to take a breath. It is a dance with both your darkness and your light. Your dharmic path is a journey of healing and overcoming the vow of brokenness, while continuing to bravely encounter resistance and avoidance along the path. Your shadow work and grief work is a commitment to not avoid or deny the light of your own soul, by honoring your wholeness.

Clients who come to me are walking this fine edge of wanting to awaken, while also facing their biggest fears and soul avoidance. There is a desire to know what their life means and how to overcome their biggest obstacles and yet simultaneously there is a strong fear to look. They are meeting their attraction/repulsion dynamic and ready to courageously shift into a new sense of self and identity in this world.

As a dharma mentor, I support, encourage, and guide bright souls to stay close to their soul purpose, transform their fear, and trust their powerful embodied gifts and wisdom. For my clients who desire to live a life of dharma, the extent to which they are willing to face their fear is the extent to which they will be nourished and satisfied on their path.
Rahu and Ketu are not planets at all, they are mathematical points on either side of the Moon with rather significant implications on our soul experience.

The Sun plants the seed of dharma and awakens the light of the soul, however, the Moon insures this soul will be nurtured and nourished. For this reason, the Moon is arguably the most influential part of the chart. Moon indicates our experiences within the womb and our relationship with mother, as well as our inner nature. Mother and mothers lineage epigenetically determines how well our soul will be nourished in this lifetime. Even if the strength and power of soul is strong through Sun, father, and father’s lineage, the light must be nourished in order to thrive.

The Moon is our guide for emotional well being and our connection to our intuitive self. In fact, the Moon is so important to our life experience, the relationship the nodes have with the Moon indicates our emotional well being- among other things. Rahu and Ketu, the Moon, and the rest of the chart, all create our own unique stories, mythologies and individual karmas.

The lunar nodes, as Rahu and Ketu are referred to, are mischievous in nature. They present our karmas to us in this incarnation. Without them, and their very valuable life lessons, we would not have incarnated into a human body. They are essential to this lila, this play of life, that we are living on this Earth plane.

Both Rahu and Ketu have their own unique array of offerings, but because they are shadow “planets” they often evade prediction. They are illusive, unpredictable, and create sudden, dramatic shifts and changes.

Their nature is to deceive, mystify, to be illusive, and to blind us from our own true nature. They represent forces that can’t be seen and are the parts of ourselves that go unnoticed and unrecognized. Rahu and Ketu simultaneously indicate where the shadow resides within body and life, and how it will be removed. When the illusion is removed, and we do see what has been hidden from us, it is often extremely painful. The light can be blinding, yet just like the Sun, it can not be avoided.

Rahu and Ketu request that we ask ourselves:

What am I not seeing or what am I not willing to see?What am I clinging to and unable to let go of?

Why might I be terrified of this part of myself?What am I wanting, yet resisting at the same time?

What does my fear teach me about my deepest desires?What parts of my personal mythology need to be grieved?



Part Two

Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra
~ April 12th, 2022 until October 30th, 2023

Nakshatras of Rahu during this cycle:

Krittika- April 12th, 2022 to June 14th, 2022

Bharani- June 14th, 2022 to February 21st, 2023

Ashwini- February 21, 2023 to October 30th, 2023

Nakshatras of Ketu during this cycle:

Vishaka- April 12th, 2022 to October 18th, 2022

Swati- October 18th, 2022 to June 26th, 2023

Chitra- June 26th, 2023 to March 4th, 2024

For the first year of this transit, Jupiter in Pisces will give his support and guidance for your immense inner shifts. Although Jupiter in his own sign is extremely beneficial to most rising signs, be mindful not to get complacent or lazy with your growth process. There is a tendency to be overly-optimistic and miss opportunities.

Saturn will be transiting his own signs of Aquarius and Capricorn during this eighteen month transit of Rahu and Ketu. Although Saturn in his own sign will support more balanced effort, the ways of Saturn must still be honored and acknowledged. Showing up with consistent structure, effort, presence and action is how Saturn will give his best results.

This transit of Rahu and Ketu will request your diligence and conscious commitment to transformation. As usual, the shadow nodes will not let you hide or neglect from your own liberation. The more willingness you have to change and release, the easier the coming cycle will be for you.

Rahu in Aries

As the shadow planet, Rahu’s role is to help you face your shadows and illusions. Transiting Aries means Rahu will bring into focus the illusions of self, identity, and ego. As a result, your sense of self and identity are in for some big changes in this cycle. You will be shedding your old identity and creating something new for yourself. The extent to which you are willing to release and shed your old parts will be the extend to which you receive the new nourishment.

Aries correlates to the first house, the head, and the whole body. This sign has a tendency to ram its head into a wall repeatedly and get locked in conflicts without tending to resolution or solutions. As its symbol, the ram implies, Aries likes to rely on its brute strength. This creates many conflicts and causes challenges. Aries needs to remember to strengthen its wholeness, not just rely only on the physical body. There is a tendency for physical burn out, aggressive behavior, and an over reliance on strength, rather than tending to emotions and spirit.

Are you addicted to conflicts? With self? With others?Where are you resisting or refusing solutions, resolutions, innovation, and change?

Remember that getting stuck or feeling a lack of new results is actually a resistance to your own power on some level. Be mindful of where you are avoiding your own soul, your true power source. Conflicts and aggression are a misuse of your life force energy. Seek peace, acceptance, support, and tools that will help you dissolve these inner and outer conflicts.

Rahu transiting Aries can cause a neglect or avoidance of self, soul work, the spiritual, as well as your own strength and power. This is an important time to lean closer to your fear, terror, grief, shame, and guilt around power, identity, and visibility. Be mindful that there is an attraction/repulsion dynamic at play here. You will be asked to do shadow work around father, father’s lineage, and your ancestral relationship with power.

Why might you be afraid of more visibility?Why might you resist being even more powerful?
Aries is ruled by Mars, and Sun is considered exalted in this sign, indicating a strong desire for action, focus, physical strength and determination. However, with Rahu transiting here, there will likely be confusion and inconsistencies with your action. Watch for resistance, avoidance, inconsistently showing up, and lack of follow through or presence with your action steps, goals, and desired results. This is a cycle to watch for soul avoidant behaviors and disconnecting from the physical body.

Saturn is considered debilitated in Aries, reminding you to tend to structure, stability, consistency and routine even more intentionally in the coming cycle. Although Saturn will be in his own signs for the duration of this Rahu/Ketu transit, honoring his desires insures your physical body strength as well as spiritual and material success. Be mindful that some resistance to structure and consistency will need your attention.

Rahu in Aries gives you an opportunity to create a whole new relationship with your inner power, physical body, and your sense of self. If you are willing to face your fear, this can be a very important transit for creating a new ego identity that is more empowered, focused, and successful.


Lack of follow through or presenceAvoidant behaviorConfused action stepsConflicts and aggressionWasting life force energyLack of strategy, goals, and follow throughResistance to showing up in the bodyInconsistencies with action stepsSelf doubtFear of visibilitySoul betrayals or abandonmentResisting or refusing to awaken a new identityFear and resistance of powerChallenges being firm and clearOverly confrontational


Conflict resolution and solutionsFocus on physical body, strength and healingForced to show up because of challengesFocused action on goals and outcomesA desire for visibility and empowermentSeeks support for a new sense of selfOwnership of goals and desiresRebirthing and awakening a new identityHealing through creatingA willingness to cut away illusionsCommitment to health and vitalityCreating right relationship with power and inner authorityTaking responsibility for one’s actions, choices and behaviorsClarity with boundaries

Ketu in Libra

Rahu will be supporting a new sense of self emerging which is deeply influenced by Ketu transiting seven houses away in Libra. This transit requires a restructuring with relationships, sense of support and stability, as well as your own creativity.

Libra correlates to the seventh house of relationships, the pelvis and pelvic bowl, and the organs therein. Venus rules Libra, but Saturn is considered exalted in this sign of balance and business. There is a strong creativity in Libra, as well as a love of beauty, the feminine, and co-creation. With consistency and structure, Libra supports true harmony and balance in life, love, and relationships, as well as business and the marketplace.

Sun is considered debilitated in Libra, indicating that issues with the masculine, father, and power will be part of your awakening in this cycle. The Sun is timely, consistent, desires to shine and be seen. The light of your soul is expressed through the Sun in your Jyotish chart. Notice where you are resisting your power and refusing to show up consistently for the light of your soul.

What traumas and grief need to be honored around father and the masculine?How is the story of inconsistent or unavailable father and power influencing how you show up for your body and soul?

Ketu transiting the sign of balance and business, insures erratic and sudden shifts and changes with relationships and stability. This includes both personal and professional relationships and structures. There is a very important restructuring taking place during this transit which is necessary for more balance, harmony, and stability in life and body. Pay attention to where you are being asked to release old imbalances with your life force energy and find a new resilience and sense of center.

Relationships of all kinds are shifting and changing with this cycle. This may cause challenges with stability and support on a variety of levels. Your resistance to these changes will create more suffering and grief, so be mindful of your refusal to change and transform.

Many relationships will become more spiritual in nature or shed, release, and awaken from old patterns, behaviors and grief. If there is a willingness to mutually shed old identities and step into the new, even more creativity, sensuality and safety will be possible. Be mindful where you may be over-compensating for others’ unwillingness to show up and do their own inner work.

What feels imbalanced in your relationship dynamics?What parts of your relationship to self and other is requesting more consistency, presence, and focus?

The pelvis will be requesting you to clear away old trauma and tend to extra sensitivity in the coming eighteen months. Fear, grief, shame, and guilt needs to release from your pelvis in order to make space for even more creative power.

Be diligent with your grief work and tend to the deep vulnerabilities emerging with sexuality, creativity, relationships and womb. The extent to which you are willing to clear out the grief in your womb, will be the extent to which you receive a new surge of creative power and life force energy.

This is an important cycle to put new business structures in place that allow for more ease and flow. You will need to ask for more support, or gather new types of support in order for new solutions and strength.
Remember that trying to get new results by using the same old methods will not yield success.

With this transit, you must be willing to cut away old behaviors and choices. This is an opportunity to create something even more balanced, harmonious and nourishing if you are willing to innovate and get creative. Ketu is very spiritual and will request that you pay attention to the spiritual qualities of your business and offerings in order for maximum results.

Where are you resisting necessary changes and shifts with relationships, business, creativity, and support?Where do you need to ask for more support, holding, and guidance?


Relationship losses and restructuringSudden or erratic supportLack of stability and groundingImbalanced and inconsistent action stepsOverly spiritual with no material progressChallenges with the masculine, father, or powerSexual issuesPelvis, womb, urinary tract challenges.Trauma in relationships or with sexualityInconsistent presence with self and othersAvoidant behavior with relationshipsResisting or refusing inner powerFeels powerless to changeBusiness is unstableResists support and stabilityFear of the masculine, structure and material realmsWishy washy behaviorLack of clear boundaries


Relationship to self and other changes for the betterLove becomes more spiritual in natureSpirituality comes into focusHealing of old trauma around sexualityBusiness becomes more spiritualA new sense of balance emergesQuickly makes changes and respondsGets sudden support or guidancePast relationships reappear for healingFear of support transformsReceives more spiritual wisdomEgo-identity shifts for the betterAllows more receivingSpiritual beauty and creativity




My sidereal horoscopes will give you general themes for the cycle to come based on your rising sign. Horoscopes are based on your sidereal, or Jyotish rising sign, not your Western or Tropical sign. There is likely no correlation. You may also use with your sidereal Moon or Sun sign for extra insight.


Strong desires come with this transit, so be mindful that you are in right-relationship with this pull towards material expansion. Do your fear work in a more intimate way and tend to deep vulnerabilities within relationships. Balancing spiritual and material realms will be essential for you and requires much effort. The more willing you are to do your trauma work, the more profound this transit will be for you. Stay on top of your inner and outer conflicts and don’t project your own fears onto others. This is an incredibly transformational transit for you, although it won’t come with ease and gentleness. Lean into your fear and anger dynamic and get curious about what your anger is really telling you. Your entire body will be extra sensitive in this cycle so be mindful of the necessary changes that need to be made in order to honor this.


The ancestral realms are calling you closer. Tend to the spiritual body, dreams, alone time, extra rest and meditation, but notice where you are avoiding showing up in the material realms as well. You may try to avoid, hide, or neglect real world challenges through spiritual practices. This cycle requests that you show up for fear of conflict and resistance to boundaries. There is some old trauma surfacing around anger and aggression that needs to honored. Structure, consistency, and innovation will be essential for your offerings. Gains come with more support and trying something new. Be honest and diligent with your body wisdom so you can make your decisions from a grounded, embodied place. Get firm and clear in your communication and self expression. Pay attention to where and how you leak your life force energy.


Your focus is on worldly gains and expansion, but this will require a whole new level of power you have not accessed before. Tend to the losses, grief, and release that is necessary in order for you to have even more space to receive. Your gut intelligence is a source of power and potency in this transit, but it will also be extra sensitive and vulnerable. Clear and clean up the gut so that it can be a source of even more power and clarity for you. Worldly expansion and visibility comes through sharing your guidance and wisdom in this world, but be mindful to harmonize spiritual and material desires equally. Grief work is the catalyst for even more dharmic alignment. Tend to undigested grief connected to your path and purpose, inner authority, sense of self and empowerment. Get courageous and strategic with your action steps, focus, structure and support systems. Tend to your depths and bring this wisdom out into the world in meaningful ways.


There is a strong pull towards the material world and a request to become more visible with your offerings. You must tend to the fear and resistance to being visible and powerful simultaneously. Accept your desire for material success, but be mindful of how your fear of visibility is keeping you in patterns of mediocrity and comfort, rather than growth and success. Be diligent with your emotional body work and past grief and trauma. A restructuring is taking place in your heart which impacts home, land, mother, and spirituality. Move closer to your fear, rather than resisting it. Some very old grief is requesting your attention and needs to be digested and released. It may feel like you are making no progress, but trust your process and your steps. Your dharmic path is the way forward- so do not neglect your soul desires. Get consistent support so you can maximize this transit for your spiritual and material success.


You are learning to trust yourself and your own sense of power in a bigger way. Source from your own inner authority and notice where you have been handing off your power to others. You are your own guru! Courage and effort are required in order to get new results. Be brave and get even more creative and expressive. Relationships may bring pain and challenges so be willing to do your grief work. Face the fear, resistance, guilt and shame that is living in your pelvis. Digesting this old grief is vital for even more life and creativity to emerge. This cycle is a deep dive for you. Let the depths, darkness and vulnerability become your new friend. You will not emerge from this transit the same person. Trust your growth process.


Your voice and visibility are requesting you to tend to vulnerability and fear. Trauma work and grief work will be nonnegotiable at this time. Fear of speaking, self expression, and visibility comes to the forefront in this cycle and requires that you plunge into your depths of undigested grief. You want to be seen, heard, and visible, but there is fear coming up around it as well. Don’t neglect your ancestral grief as it plays a role in this dynamic. Clean up your diet and behaviors so that you don’t fall into bad habits with food, drugs, drinking, sugar, smoking and sex. Support, guidance and wisdom will go a long way in helping you get even more stable, supported and balanced in this cycle. Notice where you are resisting asking for your needs to be met and refusing to be in right relationship with your inner power. You are shape-shifting and creating a new way forward. Be willing to face your fear and vulnerability with honesty and curiosity.


Expect powerful restructuring of your identity and sense of self in this cycle. You are being asked to shed and release some very old layers. Do not grip or resist this transformation. Relationships provide a very important mirror to you. Face your fear of intimacy and vulnerability so that you can find even more self trust and nourishment moving forward. Old traumas re-emerge at this time, causing increased sensitivity in your entire body. You are trying to digest some very old emotions right now so be gentle with yourself. Get extra support, guidance and resources to help you navigate this transit. Although it is delicate and challenging, it can also be a powerful process of awakening and transformation. You will not be the same person on the other side of this. Surrender and allow the shifts to emerge.


Boundary work and a new, firm clarity with your energy and self expression is strengthening in this cycle. You are getting even more clear on where the imbalances are so that you can clarify needs and power more effectively. Ancestral trauma is asking you to lean closer. The losses, instability, and imbalances of the lineage that have impacted you directly need to heal and release now. Pay careful attention to fear of loss and death, power and anger. Honor the necessary grief work that is requesting your attention. Speak directly and source from your gut intelligence. Heart, home, land and mother bring you grief work in the cycle ahead. Clear, release, digest and transform the old shame, guilt, and fear that has been living in your heart. Make space for safety, stability, connection and intimacy by honoring your fear of conflict and aggression. Clarify boundaries and release grief around responsibility.


Your solar plexus and gut intelligence are murky and require some clean up. Tending to fear of power, clarity and action steps is essential for you. There is a resistance to being clear and empowered that needs your attention. Gains can only come with your focused action steps so be mindful that digesting this old grief and fear is essential for the worldly gains you seek. This will help you take more focused, empowered action steps moving forward. Gut intelligence and digestion will be extra sensitive at this time. Clean up your diet and strengthen your digestion. Heart wisdom strengthens and expands in this cycle, but a courage to create and self express is essential. Don’t get lazy or lackadaisical in your approach to life. You need to be pro-active and tend to your fear with diligence- or you will end up squandering this powerful transit. Get guidance, wisdom and support to help you navigate the emotional body.


Some pressure begins to release now that Saturn is shifting out of your head. Although he will be in Capricorn on and off for the next two and half years, you have some new insights and awareness about how to move forward. Ketu is asking you to dramatically restructure your offerings to the world and try a new way forward that is more harmonious and balanced. It’s time to lighten your load. You are being pulled into heart, home, land and mother with a new intensity. Try to stay balanced and not lose sight of what really matters to you. Although it feels confusing and uncertain, there is a new level of emotional body intelligence emerging for you that can’t be avoided. Let your emotional body lead the way. Your courage, effort and willingness is needed as you move into a new sense of purpose in life. Honor your fear of visibility and tend to the trauma of disappointments, relationship losses, and instability in your life. Instead of choosing hard, it’s time to try easy and gentle. This comes through speaking your grief and letting it be visible.


Your source of wisdom and guidance is shifting and being restructured. Be mindful where you have been neglecting your own body wisdom and inner guru. There are changes and new awareness emerging that directly impact your dharmic path. More courage, self expression and action steps are being requested. Notice where you’ve been outsourcing your power to that which is outside of your own body. A new inner balance is needed at this time that must come from within. Tend to past traumas with power and authority so you can trust your own power source more fully. Strengthen your voice and visibility. Speak truth and share your wisdom in bigger ways. It’s time to stop hiding and avoiding your inner knowing and inner power. Although this takes effort on your part, consistently showing up for your self, body, and inner light will pay off and get you results.


This is a powerfully expansive cycle for you, as long as you don’t fall into old patterns and bad habits. You are being pulled in the direction of more power and visibility while using your voice, but there is also a tendency to silence yourself simultaneously. Tend to the fear of using your voice and being visible with honesty, curiosity and courage. Stay away from bad food and habits like alcohol, sugar, smoking and drugs. Sexual issues and old traumas need your attention. You need to move closer to your fear of vulnerability, dive deeply into your depths, and tend to some very old undigested grief. It will be worth your effort, but may be deeply uncomfortable. Ancestral grief requires your attention as well as past losses. Spend more time meditating, resting, and on retreat. Try to balance spiritual and material desires. Expand, dream, clear space, and awaken your hopes and desires. Ask for guidance and support and surround yourself with healthy, positive, and spiritual people.