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Rahu in Pisces & Ketu in Virgo: Awakening the Spiritual Realms and Transforming the Material World + Horoscopes

Shadow nodes Rahu and Ketu move to sidereal Pisces and Virgo on October 30th- according to mean node calculations. This transit has not occurred in eighteen years. Rahu in Pisces brings closure and endings, loss and release. Ketu in Virgo invites sudden clarity, awakening, and purification with mind.

Who are Rahu and Ketu?

The powerful transits of Rahu and Ketu last 1.5 years, dishing out our karmas in new ways with each move they make. As the shadows shift, we experience ourselves and the world very differently. This is an important part of how we grow and evolve. Always peeling back more layers and shifting focus and perspective. 

Going into your shadows, requires a strong willingness, and a desire to go beyond your problems. It requires that you start asking “why is this happening to me?” over and over again. And then you must have the courage to seek answers. These are the answers that are likely going to be painful, that will force you to change your life, that will expose your darkest secrets.

Just past the depth of your darkness, though, is the light. The gift. The gifts that you so desperately seek. The gifts you long for are in fact hidden deep inside your shadow parts.

Whenever the darkness is not integrated and unified with the light, there will not be balance or harmony. The shadow always seeks the light and the light will always return to darkness. They are one and the same. This is a Law of Nature. Ultimately, Rahu can not be denied, nor Ketu- his counterpart in karmic liberation. One’s Jyotish chart shows where the shadow is seeking light and how it will bring your awakening.

We each have an attraction and repulsion dynamic within us- a push and a pull. This attraction/repulsion dynamic is expressed through the energy of Rahu and Ketu. Everyone has this drive- a pull towards what you want, which is also very intimately intertwined with what you are resisting or refusing in your life and in yourself. Often what you want so strongly has an equal energy of repulsion or resistance connected to it.

What you desperately long for and desire is the core of your shadow work and points the way to all the pieces of your darkness. In other words, what you deeply long for is seeking you. And it’s hidden beneath your shadows. This shadow, and working with one’s darkness in order to awaken, is the juxtaposition of Rahu (shadow) and Ketu (light) in ones Jyotish chart. Rahu is both darkness and compulsions, as well as desires and insatiable cravings. Let Rahu drive you towards your own wholeness. Let him show you what you long for, what you need the most in this life, and let him also show you what you are resisting simultaneously. Ketu will release you from the attachments from the past, but not without trauma work and cracking you wide open.

The power within the shadow is two fold. When you resist your darkness, you resist the healing and the medicine that your soul is seeking. You are essentially refusing you most essential gifts. These gifts always reveal your dharma, your life purpose, your reason for being alive, and thus there is an immense reward for your efforts- if you choose to take on the task fully. However, it is not the path of ease, numbness, ignorance and denial. In order to awaken, you must invite in your shadow parts, continue to go deeper into your darkness in unending cycles, to dive for pearls of truth tirelessly- as though your life depends on it. The reality is that it does.

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Rahu in Pisces & Ketu in Virgo

October 30th, 2023 until May 18th, 2025

Pisces correlates to the twelfth house of the Jyotish chart. As a water sign, it is spiritual and moveable in Nature. Feet are connected to Pisces by default because the twelfth house is ruled by this body part. Jupiter rules Pisces and brings knowledge, wisdom, and expansion with him. This is a sign of depth that desires wholeness.

Pisces seeks balance, however, it is through movement and release. Stagnation causes certain death. It’s symbol is two fish swimming in a circle. Themes around loss, endings, release and letting go naturally come with this portion of the sky. The wisdom of the 12th house is expressed through the ancestors, reclusive tendencies and all matters of the spiritual realms. It is a junction point between endings and beginnings, openings and closings, spirit and material worlds. There is nothing mundane about its depth and wisdom. Jupiter, the guru, rules Pisces and reminds us of the knowledge possible in this domain. As a water sign, it requests movement, fluidity, purification and attention to the emotional body.

Over the next 1.5 years, Rahu will be pulling you into this realm of spiritual expansion, growth, and transformation. The desire for more ancestral guidance and support will intensify. Spiritual progress and new knowledge and wisdom will strengthen. Retreats, solace, and alone time will become a new priority. Be sure to allow for extra rest and pause as your body will be craving this. Dreams and bed pleasures need your focus. What are your dreams trying to tell you? What do your relationships require? Rahu does not let you get away with avoidance for very long.

Be mindful of soul avoidant behavior with Rahu in Pisces. This transit can bring addictions to the surface as well as unconscious fears, avoidance, resistance, and over all bad behavior. Rahu rules over intoxicants and Pisces can bring over-indulgence. Mercury is considered debilitated in Pisces which means the mind is not strong here. Rahu can create reckless behavior because the mental body is weak in this sign. Use this cycle to strengthen the mind through meditation, spiritual practices, and therapeutic resources. Be willing to face your shadow and get curious about fears and illusions that are creating avoidance and addiction.

Virgo is an Earth sign that likes order and precision. Mess and excess will not be tolerated as Ketu transits Virgo. Minimalism is awakened in this transit! You may start to notice that less is more in the next 1.5 years. Mercury loves this mental body sign and is considered both exalted and in his own sign, as well as in his office here. All things Mercury thrive within this sign. Mind, communication, order, commerce, writing, technology and green things awaken with Mercury’s blessings. The lower intestines naturally connect to Virgo because it’s the natural sixth house of the zodiac. This is a sign that promotes healing and helps healers with clarity and focus.

The symbol of Virgo is a maiden, which is a reminder of innocence and naivete. Purity and purification are offered here- particularly on the mental body level. The sixth house has to do with disease and therefor healers naturally connect with this portion of the sky. Service and service workers correlate to sixth house matters, as do animals and animal companions.

With Ketu transiting Virgo, expect sudden changes with all sixth house matters. Ketu does not tolerate excess and likes to lay things bare so that the truth can be seen fully. As the trauma node, he causes disconnection, however, this is exactly where reconnection must take place. You may be stripped, forced to release, clarify and clean up in a very specific way in this cycle. Be mindful of sudden changes with health, healing, animals, your support team, gut health, and all things mind and body. Sudden epiphanies are likely.

Although Ketu doesn’t usually offer his awakening with gentleness, his flashes of insights and serendipitous encounters may provide healing and awakening in new and unusual ways. This is a powerful time to do trauma work and clean up bad habits. Depending on your natal relationship with Ketu, there may be sudden, painful changes and loss. Be especially careful of body needs and try to avoid accidents and injuries- especially with vehicles.

Venus has a powerful influence over this transit. Virgo is Venus’s debilitation sign, whereas Pisces is his sign of exaltation. Tracking the transits of Venus will be especially important in this cycle to understand how the nodes will impact your body and life. Venus transits are typically about one month so expect monthly fluctuations.

If your ruling planet is Venus, or you are in a Venus maha dasha, or antar dasha, this transit is especially important for you. Venus naturally correlates to relationships, love, health and vitality, life force energy, the feminine, beauty, money, art, creativity, vehicles, jewelry and gems, as well as abundance and prosperity. This transit of Rahu and Ketu will inevitably cause challenges, sudden changes and necessary adjustments with all things Venus.

Mercury also brings important insights during this 1.5 year transit. Pisces is Mercury’s sign of debilitation, whereas Virgo is his favorite sign. Mercury exalts, is mulitrikona and in his own sign all in Virgo. All expressions are strong and potent for the mental body. Mercury transits are typically around three weeks, although they often vary. He retrogrades three or four times a year which also requires more focus and clean up.

The transits of Mercury will activate specific tendencies based on your natal placement of Mercury. If your ruling planet is Mercury or you are in a Mercury maha dasha or antar dasha, this transit will be more impactful for you.

Nakshatras and Dates:

October 30th, 2023 until July 8th, 2024: Rahu in Revati Nakshatra

July 8th, 2023 until March 16th, 2025: Rahu in UttaraBhadrapada Nakshatra

March 16th, 2025 until November 23rd, 2025: Rahu in PurvaBhadrapada Nakshatra

June 26th, 2023 until March 4th, 2024: Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra

March 4th, 2024 until November 10th, 2024: Ketu in Hasta Nakshatra

November 10th, 2024 until July 20th, 2025: Ketu in UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra

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These Horoscopes will give you general themes for the year to come based on your rising sign. Horoscopes are based on your sidereal, or Jyotish rising sign, not your Western or Tropical sign. There is likely no correlation. You may also use with your sidereal Moon or Sun sign for extra insight.


Rahu shifts to your 12th house and Ketu lands in your 6th house. You’ll naturally be pulled into retreats, rest and more solace in the cycle ahead. Take time to meditate, listen to your dreams, and do ancestral clean up. Marriage contracts require your attention as do losses and release. You’ll need to focus more on your spiritual work in this cycle. Ask for support from trustworthy guides. Ketu requests physical body clean up- especially in the gut and intestines. It’s time for a cleanse! This reminder extends to your money and finances as well. Plug the leaks and be diligent with your boundaries. You’ll be navigating conflicts and challenges so keep a clear and focused mind. Take extra care of your animals. Feet and lower intestines will require attention in this cycle.


Rahu enters your 11th house of gains and Ketu moves to your 5th house of intuition and higher learning. Friendships and fun will be getting more attention in this cycle, however, there may be challenges with these as well. Older siblings and friendship may be a source of confusion and hurt. What are you learning as a result? Gains come from foreign or unexpected sources. Be bold and make your desires known. Lighten up and try to have more fun- even if it feels difficult. Your children will be experiencing challenges of their own. Maybe you need to play more? Strengthen your intuition, power, and gut intelligence. Clean and clear the gut with a pure diet. Your father, children, and education may have difficulties. Don’t make sudden changes unless it’s obvious to do so. Shins and calves, as well as solar plexus and upper intestines request your attention.


Ketu in your 4th house brings losses, shifts and sudden changes with home, heart, land and property. This may also impact your mother and emotions. Rahu pulls you into your 10th house of worldly offerings. Your desire for visibility strengthens, but don’t lose sight of reality. You have a good chance for more worldly success in the cycle ahead, but don’t let the head of the serpent run away with you. Did you have a change of heart? Or did you get a reality check? You may be changing your mind a lot in this cycle. Try to stay grounded and rooted as much as you can. Be extra careful of your lungs, heart, chest and ribcase. Your knees also need attention.


Rahu enters your 9th house, causing friction with your dharmic path. When Rahu navigates the 9th house of dharma, the demon must bow down to god. This is very challenging for him! Purification and spiritual practice become important here. You must strengthen the inner authority and stop letting others influence your choices. Notice where you hand off your power and to who. Refocus on your dharmic path and soul purpose. Nothing else matters as much as this one truth. Stay aligned with your body wisdom. You may experience challenges with your creativity and self expression. Do it anyway. Art, drawing, painting, music, dance, writing and poetry request your presence. Be courageous and put in the effort. Your thighs and hands require more attention in this cycle.


You are being pulled deep into the mystical and occult realms over the next 1.5 years. As Rahu transits your 8th house, notice how your desires shift towards the hidden depths. You’ll be navigating the unconscious and subconscious terrain and it promises to be a potent experience. Nothing that goes through the 8th house comes out the same. Shadow work, grief work, past life and ancestral work request your presence. There is deep vulnerability with this transit, but with effort you can turn this into new power. Ketu in your 2nd house requires trauma work. You’ll need to focus on speech, voice, self expression, money and nourishment. Early childhood issues may surface as well as food sensitivities. Start chanting and be clear with your needs. Voice, thyroid, vocal chords, sexual and excretory organs require your attention in this cycle.


This is a delicate cycle that requires extra care and caution. Don’t take unnecessary risks and watch your head. Your whole body will be extra sensitive in the next 1.5 years. You will need to clean up diet, behaviors, choices and your mindset. Your ego identity and sense of self is going through a major transformation. Shed, release, and lighten your load. Relationships are pulling you closer, likely through challenge and insecurities. There may be deception, illusions, or struggles with your relationships. Pay attention to changes that need to be made and do the work. Is it time for couples counseling or maybe a shaman? You are being asked to transform yourself, however, the mirror of relationships will be the catalyst. Your head, whole body, pelvis, womb, and urinary tract will need your attention.


Boundary work becomes essential in this cycle. Rahu pulls you into the 6th house of conflict which requires clarity, tenacity, and diplomacy. The challenges you face are a result of leaky energy, lack of clear boundaries, and people pleasing. Time to clean it up! Clear your digestion and lower intestines so you can think more clearly and stay focused. This is a great time to put more attention on healing work in general as well as your finances. Try to get the right support team in place and close relationships that drain you or don’t feel supportive. Ketu in your 12th house requires ancestral support and lineage trauma work. You may need more quiet time but it may be hard to find. Try to spend time alone, on retreats and meditate. Travel may be fruitful. Expect changes in relationships, and take extra care of your pets. Your feet and lower intestines need your attention.


Your solar plexus and power center become a strong focus in the months ahead. Simultaneously you may feel confused and uncertain about your power, purpose, and strength. Clean up the gut so your intuition strengthens. You’ll need the clarity for big decisions. There may be a desire for children, but this isn’t the best cycle for growing a family. Father and children will need more attention- which may feel draining. Increase fun, play, and joy wherever possible. Learn something new and grow in spiritual knowledge. Expect sudden changes and epiphanies with friends and older siblings. What are you learning? Ketu may bring unexpected gains and exciting new connections. Get organized, focused, and clear with your desires. Your upper gut, solar plexus, shins and calves need extra TLC.


Home and heart get all your attention and desire in this transit. Rahu navigating your 4th house of home, heart, land and mother mean the desire and pull towards comfort and devotion strengthens. You may simultaneously feel confused and afraid about the changes coming. This transit requires deep emotional work. The heart may feel heavy with grief. Release, purge, and transform undigested emotions. Ketu in your 10th house brings changes and restructuring with your offerings and visibility. Have you had a change of heart? Have your desires shifted? The internet and spiritual wisdom may be helpful to help you gain visibility and momentum with your dharmic offerings. You will need to make some adjustments in order to be successful, but don’t give up. Heart, lungs, chest, ribcase, and knees require more attention.


The desire to courageously self express strengthens in the cycle ahead. Use your hands to create and have fun exploring new artistry. Paint, draw, dance, write, make music and be bold! The expressive arts are extremely valuable to your path and purpose at this time. Go deeper! Ketu in the 9th house brings challenges with your dharmic path. You may doubt, feel unclear, and lose hope. Keep going anyway. Challenges with younger siblings and parents may show up. You’ll be working on courage and consistent action steps. This cycle requests deeper self trust and healing spiritual trauma. Listen to the inner authority and be mindful where you hand off your power to an outer authority. This is a powerful time for soul work. Stay on path and don’t lose the faith. Hands and thighs require more attention.


You’re being pulled into the 2nd house of speech, money, and nourishment in this cycle. Rahu will be asking you to pay attention to early childhood issues and dissatisfaction. You may start to feel an insatiable desire for more money. Over eating and bad habits with food and intoxicants could sneak up on you. Where do you feel malnourished? Use your voice and strengthen your vocal chords. Chant, sing, and express in new ways. Watch your spending and overindulgence. You will need to dive deeply into your unconscious and subconscious terrain in the months ahead. Deep trauma work from the past requests your attention. Shadow and grief work will help you purge the lineage issues and ancestral trauma impacting your vulnerability and fear. It’s not the fun stuff, but entirely necessary to feel more nourished and soul content in body and life. Your voice, vocal chords, thyroid, sexual organs and excretory organs require your attention.


The coming 1.5 years will bring powerful change and transformation to you. You are being pulled deeply into your sense of self, identity and ego. Rahu causes confusion and uncertainty, doubt and illusion. Who are you? What do you most long for and desire? Lean closer to the doubt and confusion. Get curious and listen to your body wisdom. Relationships are being restructured- which may be painful. Loss, release, and awakening are taking place through the mirror of “other”. Expect spiritual growth and new illumination. You will be confronting undigested relationship trauma in this process. Be courageous, but ask for support. Make sure your therapists, healers, and guides are safe and trustworthy. Be careful driving and watch your head. This is an important time to clean up your body and mind. What illusions are making you sick? Head, whole body, pelvis, womb, urinary tract require your attention.

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